Tanuki (a raccoon dog) History, characteristics, and general lifestyle

Tanuki (a raccoon dog) History, characteristics, and general lifestyle

Tanuki, a Japanese raccoon dog, seems like a raccoon in their facial appearance. The dogs are well known for mischief and magic. If you are a movie or cartoon lover, you probably have found this small furry breed in certain animation movies (such as the naruto cartoon) as a magician or something unusual like this. Raccoon dogs contain varieties of fur, including from silver-grey to brown-tan.

Due to their facial appearance, people might misunderstand them as hybrid animals from successful mating between raccoons and small dogs. Yet, it is not true.

Tanuki’s are a pure breed having no link with raccoons. Yet, they are considered part of the canid family (including wolves, foxes, coyotes, domestic dogs, etc.)

Their appearance is quite plump due to the long, silky, and fluffed hair on its body. A bundle of fur surrounding his eyes made his appearance of an intelligent, trickster, and clever dog.

A magnificent history of Tanuki:


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Japanese have various old tales regarding the superiority of tanukis, that they have supernatural powers and have the possession of humans or they were shape-shifters.

It is a famous tail that Tanukis can remarkably shift shape to a gorgeous lady. After shifting, he used to play mischievous tricks on men who passed by him. Other miracles that he used to hold (according to tales) was his ability to convert one thing into another, for example, the conversion of ordinary pebbles into diamonds or gold and poo into a meal.

If you have ever visited Japan, you might have seen a magnificent creature holding a leaf on its forehead, conveying its supremacy to others.

What are the characteristics of Tanuki?

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Here are some unusual, interesting general characters regarding tanukis.

Unusual strong partnership: The unbreakable bond between two mates can be concluded by watching a male dog preying the food and coming to their pregnant female partner so that both can diminish their hunger. That is why scientists are stunned after seeing the bond between the two of them, as few species (about 3-5%) take care of their female partners like this. That’s why Tanukis are considered to be mammals that create an everlasting bond with their mates.

Statues of Tanukis:

If you want to know the influence of this breed in Japan, visit the city of Shigaraki, where you will find multiple statues of this wonderful creature. You will see them in several parks, in front of restaurants, and at the corner of maximum streets.

Sleeping schedule of Tanuki:

Tanuki lies in the rare Canid species that hibernate throughout the winter. Animals residing in the northernmost portion of their range build their fat reserves before winter. They make a warm burrow, put on weight, slow down their metabolism by 25%, and sleep off the winter.

Dog with no bark:

Another stunning characteristic of this breed is that it cannot bark like other breeds. That is why veterinarians do not consider them good domestic dogs because they cannot become good guards for your house. Instead of barking, they usually whine when they find something exciting and growl if something goes wrong.

General lifestyle:

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The dogs are omnivores (that can eat meat and plants) like humans, yet, not well-reputed as domestic dogs. Despite their reputation as wild dogs, people also love to pet them as family members.

These Tanukis are not aggressive and try their best to avoid violence (even they feel more comfortable running away if they find any fighting scenario).

Though they are home living, people still used to hunt them for eating purposes. Their meat is well reputed from a medical point of view, having medicinal qualities. According to a survey, almost more than 1 million raccoons are bred to get their fur (to make several useable). Yet, the human attitude against this little animal is unacceptable and needs to change ASAP.



They mostly habitat the area enriched with the food source, mainly near the water. Despite this, they do not have any specific place to live, as you can find them in deciduous, evergreen, mixed forests and sometimes in urban areas.


Tanuki is one of the Raccoon dogs, other breeds of raccoon dogs can be found in different regions, including Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnam, and even in Europe.


They are omnivores, as mentioned above. So, food is not an issue for them, as they can rely on plants, rodents, mollusks, eggs, birds, etc. Yet, Voles and gerbils are their favorite dishes for them to eat.

Can tanuki become a good breed?

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Despite being members of the dog family, raccoon dogs are not the same as domestic dogs. Owning a raccoon dog is probably prohibited in your region as well. Raccoon dogs may bite, just like any other animal with teeth. They would be tough to maintain as pets because they are wild creatures.

Care of tanuki:

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They are kept in the zoo under the high supervision of zoo staff. Yet, they need climbing or exercise opportunities as well.

They must have plenty of places to nap in their cages, as well as places to hide from the elements. They are given a diverse diet in U.S. zoos. Fruits and vegetables, canned beef diet, dog food, salmon, and hard-boiled eggs are a few typical feeding items.


Tanuki ukis are they sly?

The Tanuki is a friendly yet cunning character from Japanese legend, which is why sculptures of it with enormous testicles and wide-brimmed hats can be found across the country.

Do tanuki wag their tails?

Regardless of their moniker, they are not known to wag their tails or bark. According to some studies, Japanese raccoon dogs sound more like cats than dogs.

What are the tanuki's thoughts on people?

According to several stories, the Tanuki and the Kitsune transform into humans to engage in evil deeds against people because they love deceiving people in whatever manner they can.

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