Deer Head Chihuahua

Deer Head Chihuahua

The new dog owners most of the time select the dog based on its appearance. They completely forget the fact that every breed has its own unique characteristics. These characteristics are those that make the dog species different from each other. 

Due to this difference, the Habitat requirements are also different from each other. So if you are thinking of buying/adopting a dog it’s great. But  then you should know all about its breed so there you may choose the best one

If you are looking for a dog that is small in size but big in personality then you are at the right place to find your dream breed of dogs.

Chihuahuas are the dogs that are under discussion here. This is really an old breed of dog. If we dig into history the first traces of these dogs were found in 1500. From the beginning, these are the companion dogs for the human with the passage of time as the documentation about the dogs increased. New organizations were made. One of the most important recognitions that are provided to the dogs is known as the AKC recognition. 

Deer head chihuahua vs applehead

Deer Head Chihuahua Vs AppleheadChihuahuas got this recognition in the beginning of the last century. 

Two different breeds of these dogs were recognized, one is the Deer Head and the second one is the Apple Heads.

No doubt both have a difference in the shape moreover if we compare the size of the both. The deer head has a slighter larger in size than the apple head chihuahua. 

Deer Head Chihuahua Highs and Lows

This end portion is written to provide you with the information to summarize all the information in a practical way for our readers.

Deer Head Chihuahua Highs And LowsHighs of the Chihuahua

  • Chihuahuas are great dogs but these are not suitable for all environments. This is a great dog to have if you are living in an apartment.
  • These are not friendly to strangers and for this reason. These are great dogs to have as watchdogs. 
  • Chihuahua don’t require intensive care. Yes this is true that these are alive and all other living animals require Care but don’t worry that the care is not very intensively required frequently. 
  • The lifespan of this type of dog is really very long. This means that if you are investing time and effort in these dogs. You are actually training a companion for a very long time
  • These dogs are not afraid of traveling. Actually, these are good travelers and you can easily move with them from place to place.

Deer head chihuahua Appearance

If you look at these dogs you feel that you are actually looking at a young deer. This is a reason that these dogs are known as Deer head chihuahuas. The detailed description of this dog is.. 


A long muzzle is the identity of this dog. As soon as you look at these dogs you can spot the slope that is between the large ears and the place where these areas actually ended.

Rat Terrier muzzule


The ears are long and erect. This is the reason that these actually resemble the deer. 

Rat Terrier Ears Care


The eyes are round. The color of the eyes are brown. Actually if you specifically mention it this is not dark. This is actually dark brown. 

rat terrier eye care

Neck Back and Tail

The neck is slightly arched. After the neck, the lean shoulders are started. The back is long and in the end, you will find a long tail. So the long back is finished on a long tail and as far as the long tail is finished the dog is finished. 

rat terrier neck and tail care


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Height of the Dog

The height of the dog varies from dog to dog but definitely, there is a maximum and a minimum value and by combining both of these values you will get the average height of a chihuahua. So the average height of the dog is 10 inches. The maximum height of the dog is 12 inches and the minimum height of the dog is 8 inches. 

Colors of the Dog

The white, black, grey, and silver are the different colors of the dogs. You may see other combinations that have a mixture of these shades. 

Coat of Chihuahua

You may see a variation in the coats of Chihuahua. There are many different types of coats that can be observed in these dogs. The care of the coat is not very often needed but you need to brush the coat every three weeks. And a bath is also necessary at least one in a month. 

The Facts you should know about Deer Head Chihuahua

  • This breed is known to humans at least for the last 500 hundred years. So this companionship is nearly 500 years old
  • These are one of the smallest dogs living on the face of the planet earth today.
  • This is not declared but unofficially this is known as the state dog for Arizona.
  • This was falsely believed in the past that these dogs are a good cure for asthma. Please be aware that this is not at all correct.
  • You can really rely on these dogs in the role of a watchdog
  • There was a time when these were presented decorated with the flowers,

Lows of the Chihuahua

Like all other living animals also have some lows. 

  • These dogs are weather sensitive and in cold weather you really have to  take care of them very well.
  • In terms of carrying these are frigel dogs
  • Although these are family dogs, usually they create a bound with a single person in the family.
  • Sometimes you can be in a problematic situation due to their love for Bark
  • This is very difficult to trade with dogs especially if you are thinking of training them in the house it may not be possible.

Final Words

If you are thinking of adopting a Chihuahua as your pet dog then you should know about all highs and lows of these dogs. We have comprehensively covered all the necessary information needed to have this dog as a pet.