Why does my Chihuahua shake so much

Why does my Chihuahua shake so much?

If you are curious or worried to know why, why does your Chihuahua shake so much. There can be multiple reasons for this. We have chalked out some of these reasons here. So that you can find the most appropriate reason as per your circumstances. In this way you can easily sort out that if this is an unnatural shake or just the normal activity. Let’s find out that if this activity is due to any abnormality in the body of the dog or this is natural pneumonia for the dog to shake. This article covers these four issues related to the Chihuahua shake

  • Metabolism
  • Weather Conditions
  • Nerves Reaction
  • Shaking – How to avoid?


The creatures with higher metabolism may Shiver in different circumstances. These circumstances are anxiousness and excitement. It means whenever they are excited or anxious they may experience shivering. Chihuahuas are also known to have higher metabolism rates. 

If your dog has more shivering than the normal rate. This is the time to look for the emotional stability of your dog. Find out the general environment behaviour and find out if you are not providing complete attention to your dog. 

Weather conditions

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These dogs are really sensitive to weather. If the temperature of the weather is low. This means that your dog is more likely to shiver if the temperature is below than 40 degrees fahrenheit. This shivering intensity will increase if the temperature decreases below than 35 degree fahrenheit.

If your dog is shivering due to weather conditions which means that it requires proper dress. Look for the proper clotting of your dog. This may include that wrap for your dog you can do it with the help of the cloth most likely the warm piece of the cloth. Otherwise you can do it with the help of a sweater. Both of these will definitely save the dog from the weather conditions and ultimately the shivering of the dog will definitely be reduced.

Nerves Reaction

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Like many other dogs these are needed to be created from a very early age. Otherwise they cannot adjust well in human society. So whenever these are surrounded  by the humans or  experienced any unusual circumstances they start to shiver because of the unusual reaction.

This increases anxiety and this results in nervousness. This nervousness causes the dogs to Shiver. Sometimes this may lead the dog to the extreme position. These conditions occur again and again as the mental health problems in the dog. Once this happens it is really very difficult for the door to co-operate and to lead a normal life again. 

Therefore it is highly recommended that the dog should be tension free and that the secret to do it is to start the training at an early age. This will surely stop the multiple problems to occur later in the life of the dog and in the life of the owner too.

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Shaking How to avoid

This breed of dogs no matter has a high shivling rate. But this is something that can be avoided easily. If these dogs are well trained from the beginning of their life this will bring stability and peace in the life of the dog. 

The early training and socialization of the dog not only brings stability in the life of the dog but the dog will be well behaved and adjusted well in human society. 

So the best way to protect a dog from unusual shivering is to start the training and the proper training from an early age.

Chihuahua Dogs an OverView

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Here are some facts that you find interesting if you are a Chihuahua Dogs lover

  • Chihuahuas have a variation in Size. The minimum height of the Chihuahua is 8 inches and the maximum height of the dog is 12 inches.
  • As per average the weight of an adult Chihuahua is 10lb.
  • The minimum Lifespan of the Chihuahua is 14 years. The maximum height of the Chihuahua is 16 years. If you calculate the average weight of the dog then it will be around 15 years.
  • The Chihuahua Coat has two distinguishing qualities. The True one is that it is Long and secondly, the coat is smooth.
  • The dog has multiple Colors. These include gray, black, white, and silver. The most common color found in the Chihuahua is the Fawn.
  • Chihuahuas do shed like most dogs. But there is nothing to worry about these sheds in a very low frequency.
  • The distinguishing characteristics of the Chihuahua are confidence, strong headed and Feisty.
  • These dogs have a Short attention span but they are really very intelligent.
  • You need to start the Socialization of the dog at an early age. Otherwise, the chances are high that the Chihuahua may not have the socialization characteristics at all.
  • If you require training the dog. Then you need to start teaching your dog at an early age.
  • Destructive Behavior is in these dogs by their very own nature. So they must be properly trained so that this instinctive behavior should be controlled properly.
  • These are not known to be so polite with the kids
  • The high energy level can easily be handled by doing the proper exercise.

Final words

You should know about the cause of the problem if you want to eliminate it. Same is true for the unnecessary shivering of the dog. If you know the proper reason you can easily eradicate it. Otherwise this is really a very difficult problem to handle.

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