Why are chihuahuas so aggressive?

Did you ever worry why this little soul is so aggressive? These are the known academic reasons that are discovered after the complete research that why chihuahuas are so aggressive?

This is not a doubtful fact that the chihuahuas are really very aggressive. But if you try they can really become friends with the owner and his family. Do remember that there are some cases reported in which the chihuahuas have actually bitten their owners or their family members. So be ready to face the circumstances if you have chihuahuas in your house.

This situation can be avoided if you know the reasons for the aggression of your dog. Once you know the reasons, the next step is to know how to avoid these reasons. Don’t worry here in this article you will not only find the reason but will also enlighten how to eliminate these reasons.

These early signs include

  • The high Pitched Sound
  • The Posture is stiff
  • The teeth are visible
  • Tail is still
  • Nose punch

The high Pitched Sound

If you heard that your dog is producing a high pitch sound. Although most part of the sound resides inside his mouth.

If you care about this that your dog doesn’t want you to enter his territory so avoid him at that point

The Posture is stiff

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If you see that your dog has a stiff Potter it means that your dog is ready to do anything. Even if it is ready to fight with you. At that point, it is highly recommended that you should avoid your dog. Do not make eye contact with him. Ignore him completely and change your way

The teeth are visible

If the teeth of the dog are visible. Or in other words the dog is deliberately showing you the teeth. This means that a dog is ready to bite you. The good strategy at that point is to avoid the dog and leave its way

Tail is still

The dog is not waving its tail. The tail is still it means that a dog is ready to protect his territory. The territory means here is even a bowl of food. The dog may think that you are actually going to grab its food. At that point, it will not hesitate to attack you.

Nose punch

The dog can even punch you with the help of its nose. Do not be too close to your dog in this situation otherwise after punching it can start biting you.

Negative Past Experience
This may be a reason that the dog is aggressive because of the past experience. If you are adopting this dog from a previous owner. Do investigate the previous life of the dog. There might be a possibility that the tale of the dog stuck in the door or any other bad experience like this. This may be a possibility that the circumstances may resemble with some past experience. If it is so this may also create negative emotions in the dog.


Therefore this is necessary that when you adopt a dog do ask for its previous history from the previous owner or owners.


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New Faces are around

Chihuahuas are not comfortable with the new faces. So if there are many new faces around, the chances of the Chihuahuas getting aggressive are high.

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Do intensive socialization of the dog. This is necessary at least for one year. Get him involved in playing activities with the other dogs. This will certainly improve the behaviour of the dog towards the non familiar faces. 

You have Changed the Place
You have changed your place or you have moved from one place to another. In both the situations the Chihuahuas have issues related to the security. These are not very well familiar soon with the new places. They become familiar with the settings where they are living. Moreover they used to be familiar with the smell of the different people. This smell contributes a lot towards the feeling of the security the Chihuahuas have. Once this is disturb no mean by any reason these are also disturbed.


Do create a place in your home for your dog at the new residence. That is really familiar with the one you used to have in your old place.

Attribute Issues
Yes, Chihuahuas has attitude issues. They are relatively mean dogs that want to scare everyone that can be bowed to them. These may be the other small animals. This problem is in the nature of the Chihuahuas. If you want to get rid of this problem

Solution :

Be a leader that Chihuahuas should follow. This is something that can be achieved by you if you remain firm in your decision. Repeal the bad attitude with the firm decision and after sometranning this problem can be resolved automatically.

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Anxiety may Trigger Aggression
In Chihuahuas the anxiety can also trigger aggression. There can be multiple reasons for the anxiety once you know these reasons you will be able to eliminate those, let’s have a look one by one.

  • Past Memories may hunt
  • The Surrounding is too loud
  • The Dog is living Alone
Past Memories may hunt
This may be a possibility that the memories of the past hurt your dog. This is the reason that your dog may be nervous due to a past experience.
The Surrounding is too loud
Living in loud circumstances can cause your dog to develop a mental problem. Therefore the loud surroundings must be avoided in case you want to control the anxiety problem of your dog.
The Dog is living Alone
Your dog may seek your company. Living alone for a very long time made him anxious. Therefore don’t lose the company of your dog for a very long time.


Try to fight the problem of your dog. In better words, dig out the reason because of which your dog becomes anxious. If needed you may need to treat your dog for the medical conditions. If this is so you must see a animal physician

Problem is with the Dog Health

If your dog is ill then this is really difficult for you to tackle. Because this is really very difficult to find out the exact problem. This is the reason that to find out the exact problem you may need to take it to a doctor. Some of the common problem that may occur to your pet can be…

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Your dog may be injured. This can be found if you tap your dog and it starts to bark. This means that your dog may be injured. So ask the doctor to check the dog for this reason.

To Much Fat

If there is too much fat on your dog this means that the dog is obese. Due to overweight the dog may have the health problems

Problem in the Mouth

Your dog may develop problems inside the mouth. The reason can be swelling of the jaws. This is a really irritating problem that may increase problems for your dog. This may be the reason that your dog is so aggressive.

Other health Problem

There can be other health problems like the bone related issues. The injury on the feet and the hip bone dislocation. The health problems are not limited to only these. There are other issues too that can disturb the life of your dog. To tackle these issues you may need to see the health professional for your pet.

Final Words

This may seem annoying if your dog started to behave aggressively. This article has provided you with the reasons and the remedies to overcome the issues. If you cannot find out the problem soon. This is highly recommended that you should see a health professional as soon as possible. So that the problem can be solved as soon as possible.