How to clean your dog's teeth without using a brush?

How to clean your dog’s teeth without using a brush?

Your dog won’t allow you to touch the toothbrush, but you can’t let your dog have bad breath. What should you do in this regard? You are not alone in facing this issue, as most pets, including dogs and cats, do not allow their owners to clean their teeth because they do not know their importance. However, not cleaning your pooch’s teeth can give your dog severe oral problems, including bleeding gums, swelling tongue, etc. So, if you have such a dog, you must choose an alternative to a toothbrush, and I will enrich you with multiple techniques in this regard. So, stay tuned with this article till the last word. But before this, we will let you know.

Why is oral hygiene important for your dog?

How to clean your dog's teeth without using a brush?
Dog oral hygiene is crucial to maintain, as any negligence in this regard can cause severe oral problems, including several periodontal diseases and gingivitis. Still, some owners do not take this seriously and leave their dogs’ teeth as uncleaned as they leave their own. So, like humans, dogs need regular dental care, and tooth brushing is important in this regard. An owner’s non-serious behavior can cause your dog to suffer severe pain from diseases caused by foreign agents like bacteria and other germs.
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How to clean your dog's teeth without using a brush?

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What are the alternatives to a toothbrush for cleaning your dog’s teeth?

How to clean your dog's teeth without using a brush? Here are some alternatives we are going to discuss in this regard.

Using the dental spray:

If your dog allows you to open his jaw, this is an excellent time to apply the dental spray. As the spray is effective in cleaning the mouth moreover gives a fresh breath to your dog. In addition, it removes all the plaque stuck in your dog’s teeth after a meal. It diminishes the bacteria inside your dog’s mouth, giving no chance the periodontal diseases to attack. However, the process is relatively slow, yet it can work tremendously.

Coconut oil:

In this case, you do not need to fight with your dog to open his mouth. Yet, you can easily add coconut oil to his meal. Coconut oil has multiple benefits if taken into the human diet, but have you heard about its pros for dogs? As it is an effective bacteria killer, adding one or two spoons to your dog’s diet cannot allow foreign agents to attack your pooch’s teeth.

Dog dental wipes:

This option applies only if your dog allows you to approach his teeth, and if he has an issue with a toothbrush, you have to run the wipe among the teeth to clean them. Yet, some dogs love to massage their teeth. These wipes easily break the plaques in your dog’s mouth and kill germs, including bacteria. All this is due to the enzymes present in the solution of the wipes.

Dog chew toys:

It is the best option for cleaning your dog’s teeth if your pooch does not allow you to open his mouth for cleaning. However, chewing the toys is the favorite hobby of every puppy, so you will not face any difficulty in this regard. These toys are designed in such a way that they easily remove plaque and germs from the teeth. Moreover, advanced toys have the space to add toothpaste to them. So, it will be more beneficial in the teeth cleaning process.

Water additives:

One of the easiest ways to clean your dog’s teeth is the water additives. You have to add those cleaning agents to your dog’s bowl. However, getting your dog used to the taste will take a few days. However, some dogs need to recognize the difference between pure water and water with additives. However, it is the best way, as it demands no effort and properly cleans your dog’s mouth.

Chewing raw bones:

Some dogs use natural methods to clean their teeth rather than artificial ones. Chewing a raw bone is the best way a dog can accommodate it. But you have to notice certain things;
  • Firstly, the bone must be the proper size, so your dog does not chew it whole.
  • Secondly, do not give your dog a cooked bone as it is no use to clean his teeth.
The natural way to clean a dog’s teeth is the most efficient one, and your dog will not take a particular time to clean.
Can dogs live without brushing their teeth?
Yes, they can, but with pain and oral suffering. One should take care of his furry friend’s oral health. However, if you do not brush them previously, you don’t need to worry as you can start this habit at any time till your dog’s teeth are healthy.

Frequently asked questions.

How can remove plaques on a dog’s teeth?
To remove tartar accumulation in your dog’s teeth, it is better to allow you dog chewing. Besides, giving you pooch the cleaning benefits, chewing also give you dog the therapeutic benefits.
Why does my old dog’s mouth bleed frequently?
Dog’s gums start bleeding if they have poor hygienic conditions, and other diseases like gingivitis or if their gums are hurting. Besides, bleeding in gums, your dog might get infection in his tongue and lips, or it may be due to a sharp cut in his mouth.
How to stop my dog’s lips from bleeding?
First of all, don’t panic in such situation. To stop bleeding use a clean cloth and gauze and press it to the bleeding part to reduce it. Press it gently and firmly so that it will not hurt more. Keep applying the gauze on his lips until it stops bleeding.

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