Types of terriers dogs

Types of terriers dogs

This may be the most widely distributed dog breed. If we talk about the types. There are many. All of them have some significant features. These significant features may be different or can be the same among different types. There is a set of common characteristics that all of these types share. Of Course, there are some that are unique to a specific type. Truly speaking this is not possible to cover all types of terrier dogs. 

So we have tried to find out the most significant one. Here are 15 popular terrier dog breeds that are really important and popular. If you want to know about some families of terrier dogs then these are the most suitable ones that need to be discovered.

1. Boston Terrier

Guide to Boston Terriers

These are actually fighting dogs. Despite this fact, they are known to be the best companion. Some of the best traits of these are affection, lovely gentle intelligence, and smartness. These are really very friendly with their children. This is the reason there is no harm to have this in the house. 

2. Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier

The most prominent feature of this breed is the “P” type heads. The basic purpose of this breed is to hunt. The back of this breed is arch like and the coat is curly. 

The popular use of this breed these days is as a family dog. Even though this breed still has the capabilities of a hunting dog. 

They maintain a good relationship with their owners. The best characteristics of these are the energy they have. They love to play. This dog always wants to be the center of attention. These become jealous of the other pets in the house 

3. Rat Terrier


These are small sized dogs. Feisty is the word that defines it in the correct manner. Other characteristics of the dogs are that they are highly energetic. This is the dog that has the status of the national hero as this is the same breed that is actually responsible for the elimination of the rats from the White House. The President of the United States of America praised this role himself publicly. These dogs are full of energy and you may witness this while they are chewing, digging, and catching their prey. 

Due to the high energy level. Exercise must be a part of life. These dogs cannot live healthy mentally and physically without high energy consumption. This means an excessive level of physical excursion. 

Plan regular physical activity with your dog. This is something which is not at all difficult. It loves to play with the kids. Extremely loyal dogs with the family they are living with. These are the ones who have adopted the domestic environment really very well. The only problem is that the partner in the play should have the same energy level as this dog. Otherwise, the dog will not be able to enjoy the playing activity. 

This dog is rightfully known as the killing machine for the acts.

4. KiNorfolk Terrier

KiNorfolk Terrier

A cute faced dog that loves to live with the family. This has adopted the domestic family life very well and can easily live in the apartment with the family. This adopted the daily family activities with a love impression. This cute face dog is really possessive about the family. Always ready to move on to new adventures. Therefore this can perform the role of a watchdog really well in an excellent manner. 

So to summarize things we can say that this is our cute faced family dog that loves to involve in family activities and at the same time a loyal watchdog.

5. Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier

He is the king of its breed. By breed, it means the “Terrier”. The first apparent reason for this title is the height of the dog. This is the largest dog in its breed.

This dog is known for the hard work it does. It loves to hunt. This means it has lots of energy in water hunting. As the companionship is concerned these dogs are known to be good companions. If you are talking about adopting this dog you should be aware that these dogs have natural hunting instincts. you may see your backyard dog as these dogs love to dig. 

They love to sniff and try to find out their prey. In this effort, they may destroy some valuable things in your house. Even then these can be adopted as family domestic dogs if the due care and attention should be applied to them. 

The chances of this effort becoming fruitful are relatively high if you start it at an early age of the dog. At an early age of the dog, the dog learns soon and adopts new behavior easily. The biggest benefit of the dog having you in the family is the protection it provides. 

These are really the perfect dogs for the family if trained properly and appropriately.

6. Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier

This dog shares some characteristics of the breed and some of its unique characteristics. These are the small dogs. Their specialty is the ability to look for prey that is near the ground. 

Being brave and fearless is something that has nothing to do with the height of the dog. This quality can be observed well in this dog. Although the dog is small and structured, even then it is fearless and brave. 

It has really adopted modern day family life very well. So if you are thinking to adopt one it will prove to be a wonderful addition to your family. And all of your family will definitely enjoy its company. 

7. Australian Terrier  

Australian Terrier

The specialty of the dog is hunting. But in contradiction to the other family members of the terrier breed. These are known to hunt snakes instead of rats. 

The physical exertion is necessary for this breed. If its physical activities are not properly planned the chances are high that your dog can be destructive. Therefore plan the proper physical activities for your dog. 

In their case, the training will easily be done but with some tacts. If you associate the learning of the dog with the reward your dog will learn quickly. This will also help your dog to get rid of its stubborn behavior of the dog.

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8. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

The basic purpose of these dogs is also hunting. But here the prey is of large size. These dogs are born to handle the fox as their prey. 

These beautiful dogs are really clever. Fearlessness and independence are parts of its nature. Being energetic requires exercise and physical activity daily. Training for this type of dog is a difficult thing to do. But once done it will reward you for a very very long period of time. 

The reason that the training is difficult is because of the fact that these dogs are actually stubborn. This behavior can be overcome if you started training at an early age. Early socialization and training of this dog resulted in a properly groomed dog that has a love for the family and devotion to the purpose and companionship of its owner.

9. American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire guide

There are several other names given to this breed. These are AmStaff in short and in full this is American Staffordshire. This may not have appeared from its build. But it is true that these are really strong dogs that have been well built. 

The proper training and boundary setting are necessary for this type of dog. No doubt that these are full of potential of becoming family pets and faithful companions but this is something that is really dependent on training. The trainer should be a person with strong leadership skills; it must possess the ability not only to train the dog but set the boundaries for the dog too. 

10. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

The origin of the small dog can be traced back to Scotland. This can easily be taken by sample due to some of its characteristics. The dog has a long body. In contrast to the body, the legs are small. The head is covered with a huge tuft of hairs. 

The bark is strong and Powerful which makes it a vigilant watchdog. The socialization ability of the dog is good with the humans. This is the reason that It can adapt to family life and can be a very good companion.

11. Irish Terrier

Irish Terrier

The stature of this dog is not very long nor very short. The body is small, the legs are long and the coat is striking. These dogs have their original roots in the Irish Terrier.  These dogs can perform different roles very well. That includes the exterminator, watchdog, and rodent. 

These dogs are highly possessive and curious. This is a reason they want dominance and want to be the only pet of the family. This can create trouble in the house. So if you want to keep your household safe you should act as a leader. 

12. Smooth Fox Terrier

These hunting dogs are born to catch the foxes. Although short in size these are really high in personality.  The other significant characteristics of these dogs include intelligence, energy, and fearlessness. 

Physical activity is necessary for this type of dog as these are high in energy. Due to the high energy level, you should plan the exercise routine for your dog. This exercise routine should be on a daily basis. 

These dogs are lively. These dogs are sociable and these dogs are fox hunters. So keeping them in the house is a tactful act. Especially smaller pets if you have any in the house will be in great danger of mortality. If you have this dog in the house do not adopt the small size pets along with it. 

13. Border Terrier

Border Terrier


The Otter’s head is the most significant feature of this dog if we talk about its physical look. These country living dogs were made for the country’s environment. But they adopted urban life too. So these are really great dogs to have in your family. These love children, being energetic dogs they prefer and like to be involved in the playing activity with the kids. 

Even if you are living in an apartment. These dogs are good to have in the apartments. Some certain needs of the dogs should be fully filled properly. These include exercise on a daily basis. 

14. Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier

He is an outside hunter. This is why it is really very difficult to handle it. This medium size creature has a strong personality. The significant parts of this personality include independence and determination. As the dog is independent and determined this is really very difficult for an owner to handle it who has no experience. 

Exercise should be a necessary part of life for this animal. If you do not include exercise and its daily routine it may create trouble. For you as well as for himself. To handle the situation tactfully you should include proper exercise in its life. Secondly, you should be aware of this fact. That this Dog is not a great pet to have for houses that have small pets. These small pets can be rabbits, rats, and even cats.

15. Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

These are excellent pets for your family. The periods of this breed are the bulldogs and terriers. The significant feature of this type of dog is the long legs, it has a muscular body and how can someone ignore the face. The face is egg shaped and you can see the tiny eyes on the face. Love is part of the personality of this type of dog. So they become loyal to the family they are living in. 

Final Words

There is a long range if we talk about different kinds and species of the Terrier Dogs. Although this shares some common characteristics that include being energetic, intelligent determinant loyal and feisty.