Oh! My dog chews expensive household items. How do I change this behavior?

Oh! My dog chews expensive household items. How do I change this behavior?

Chewing something is the most loveable task for a dog to do. Chewing has multiple dental benefits, like building strong teeth, strengthening the defensive mechanism, and many more. However, some dogs, especially puppies, need to understand which items are made for chewing and which are not.

That’s why many owners complain that their dogs are destroying their households. Imagine you have to go to an important meeting, and your little four-legged friend has destroyed your favorite shoes. Similarly, your pup does not care about your favorite curtain and tears it apart after chewing.

Dogs have a bad attitude; they don’t care about expensive things, and you can’t punish them because you love them. People frequently inquire about how they can change their dog’s bad habits. Here, in this article, we will give a complete guide on how you can overcome this habit of your furry friend.

Why is my dog chewing on everything?

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Well, the reason behind this most frequently asked question depends on the kind of dog that is chewing, whether he is a small puppy or an adult. Or is he active or sharp by nature, among many other traits?

This behavior is natural in small puppies and dogs who are new to your home and can stop or be stopped when they used to live there. As dogs are very curious creatures, they try to explore their surroundings. So, they use their primary weapons like licking, sniffing, and mainly chewing in this regard.

Normal chewing is not a problem, even if it benefits your dog. But the problem arises when your dog starts destructive chewing.

If your puppy is chewing, then it is not a weird thing. However, if an adult dog starts suddenly chewing, it means he has some problem. Like he might be getting bored or need your attention. Sometimes, he might channel his energy into useless chewing activities. Here are some of the reasons behind the destructive chewing of your pooch;

  • Fabric sucking
  • Separation anxiety
  • Hunger pangs
  • Attention seeking
  • Puppy teething

Fabric sucking:

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It is strange to see a dog chewing textiles, but it happens. According to some experts, this behavior might be due to a short period of breastfeeding by dogs. A dog’s fabric-sucking activity has probably become obsessive if it persists for extended periods, and it’s challenging to divert him when he tries to indulge in it. The habit is quite irritating, as your home will soon need more new curtains.

Separation of anxiety:

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Some dogs chew only when they are left alone at home. Experts conclude this behavior with separation anxiety, or in easy terms, you can say stress that most dogs face when they find no one to give them company at home. Along with chewing, they also depict other signs of anxiety, including barking, urination, pacing, restlessness, or defecation.

Hunger pangs:

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Assume you have neglected your dog’s diet due to a hectic day. Then what would you expect from him in return? If your dog is hungry for a day or two, he might try to find food in other objects in your home, including clothes, shoes, or baby toys. Sometimes, if your dog is restricted to specific calories, he chews other objects in the hope that he might find that nutrition in them.

Attention seeking:

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If you do not spend time with your pooch, he might chew on the prohibited things in your home, like glass or a comb on the table. He knows that such tactics will bother you, and he will attain your attention.

Puppy teething:

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Puppies, during the age of 3 to 7 months, when their teeth are growing, have no control over chewing objects. And somehow, it is necessary for your dog, as chewing makes their teeth stronger and allows them to grow faster.


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Suppose your dog is alone for several hours in your launch. He might get bored and drain his energy on useless activities like chewing.

How to stop my dog from chewing households?

  • Give your dog something solid and chewable that won’t break so he can chew it many times. While purchasing some toys, always remember that the object should not be made of glass or iron, as it can harm the gums and teeth of your dog. Also, supply the solid object so your dog will never swallow the pieces.
  • Make your best to save the precious objects of your home. Always place them in a spot beyond your dog’s approach, especially when your dog is not supervised. Don’t place sensitive things near your dog if he has the habit of chewing them.
  • Go for an outing and spend maximum time with him. This will allow him to get relief from separation stress or anxiety. As many pooches do not love to remain alone at their home.
  • Take your dog for exercise. The storage of the bundle of energy is a significant cause of chewing. So, if you keep them busy with valuable activities, they forget to chew the things around them.
  • Try to aware your dog that what is good to chew and what is not. This will take five minutes a day to teach them.

How to stop your dog from destructive behavior?

These Six Techniques Will Help You Stop Self-Destructive Behavior

  • Face your humiliation head-on.
  • Stay away from telling yourself what you “should” do.
  • Wait before acting on your impulses.
  • Keep in mind that you are a work in progress.
  • Try a treatment.

What chewable do veterinarians advise for dogs?

To reduce plaque and tartar, the Veterinary Oral Health Council has authorized dog treats and chew toys.

At what age does a dog stop gnawing on things?

Like young children, puppies go through a phase where they lose their baby teeth and feel discomfort as their adult teeth erupt. By six months of age, this phase of more intense chewing typically stops.

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