How Many Times A Year Does A Chihuahua Go In Heat?

How many times a year does a Chihuahua go in heat?

If you own a pet then you should be fully aware of his or her needs. The same is true for a female Chihuahuas bitch. There can be a number of reasons because of which these female Chihuahuas bitches are preferred in the house. One of the reasons is that these are not as aggressive as their male partners are.

Their male counterparts do not allow others to enter their territory, They are in a habit to mark their territory. Moreover, these male partners are really very aggressive and do not allow others to love the person they love. This is the reason that they can be harmful or dangerous for the children in the house. These problems are not so harsh in the case of the female.

The females on the other hand have their own type of problems that are related to the heat cycle. These female dogs, especially from the breed of Chihuahuas, are really very difficult to tell if they are in heat or not. The reason is that they are always applying their habit of cleanliness. This does not let the others know that they are ready to be pregnant. 

Most of the dog owners if they are not very experienced may lose the track of the first heat cycle of their bitch. This can bring severe circumstances and you may be surrounded by many unwanted puppies.  If you do not want to surrounded by unwanted puppies This article is written for you

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The first heat cycle of the chihuahua

The chances are high if you are not an experienced dog owner and you are living with a female Chihuahua. You may miss her first heat cycle. The easy way is to keep a track of the age of your dog. So that you may know when your dog is on heat. 

The unfortunate fact in this regard is that the dog’s heat cycle may vary from dog to dog. In the case of the chihuahua dogs, the heat cycle can be started as early as six months and it can be delayed for two years. 

If you experience even after 2 years that your dog does not have a heat cycle this is the time to check with the medical expert. Your dog may require attention from a medical point of view.

The important thing to remember is that the early pregnancy of the dog may bring swear circumstances. Therefore this is highly recommended that the dog owners should not engage their dogs in the pregnancy at their first heat cycle. The early pregnancy may disturb the physical health of the dog seriously; this can also bring medical issues for the dog later in her life. 

How to take care of a female Chihuahua in a heat cycle

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The following steps should be taken in order to make the heat cycle smooth and easy for the dog as well as for the family owning the dog


As soon as you get the notice that the bitches are on heat. Separate them from the male dogs. If you want her to be pregnant then keep her with the desired dog you want it to be the father of the puppies your bitch has. Otherwise, for the entire life cycle, she should be separated from the male dogs.

Strange emotions

You may experience during the heat cycle that your dog is behaving a bit suspiciously. The reason behind the suspicious behavior is the strange emotions that can occur because of hormonal changes. Tricky and tact full behavior is needed by the owner to handle the situation appropriately. 

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Bleeding handling

This is normal and natural for the bitch is to bleed during the heat. If you have carpet in your house it will definitely destroy the carpet. Moreover, this will definitely create a problem of cleanliness in the house. If there is a debate of owning and not owning a dog in your family this problem will get more severe here after this. So to handle this situation appropriately you must take the appropriate measures that will save you from the troubles that arise because of this situation.

The best way is to use a diaper so that the moment of the dogs should not be restricted and at the same time the floor also remains neat and tidy. The second is to cover the dog in a blanket. If you have the dog in the blanket this will save the dog from dropping blood drops at different places in the house.

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Do not miss lead during the heat cycle

If you do not want your dog to be pregnant then you should not miss the heat cycle of your dog. Because if you do so your dog will get pregnant and definitely you will be surrounded by unwanted puppies. Some dog owners can be misled by the situation of the dog. The dog can be pregnant after the spotting of the blood stops. In some cases, the dog was pregnant after weeks of the spotting of the blood. 

So make sure that your bitch does not meet with the dogs during the heat cycle apparently even if it is over.

You should be aware of the fact that the heat cycle will return after every 6 or 9 months. This remains there for some dogs for 21 days and in other dogs, this is for 28 days. 

Final words

The problem will become more severe if you do not know completely about it. The heat cycle for the beaches is a normal phenomenon. But you must be completely aware of the requirements of a dog during this. If you don’t do so that things will be problematic for you and for your dog. Let’s handle this problem by knowing more and more about this. This article will definitely help you in achieving this task. 

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