Dogs digging holes

Dogs digging holes

Today, we’ll talk about a concern that all pet owners—especially those who adore dogs—confront. Have you ever noticed your dog bending his head towards the mud and sticking his buttock in the air while throwing soil behind him (digging)? The scenario is quite frustrating for the owner, who has grown many plants and delicious vegetables on his lawn.

If you have a dog, your lawn must correspond to the moon’s surface, with numerous pits and bumps, or a war zone. But how can you stop your furry friend from doing so?

It is a big question that everyone wants to know. But before this, we need to know why your pooch exhibits this cruel behavior toward your lawn.

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Why do dogs dig holes in the lawn?

Here is the key reason behind creating holes in your lawn.

  • Lack of toys: They have no playmate or toy for having a good time. Having toys engage the dogs. They play, chew through, and do different interesting activities. So, if he loses that toy, he will engage in such useless activities.
  • Built-in character: Maybe they belong to a breed that loves to dig holes. Some breeds have, by default, the character to dig the holes. Veterinarians still don’t know if they do so. Maybe the trait is in their genes. You can say it is a legacy that they have got from their forefathers.
  • Seeking attention: Your dog might show such behavior if he finds no company or his owner is not giving him much time. Dogs are also attention seekers, just like humans. They need full time for their owner to play with them or go for outings or shopping. So, he might do so to let his master know that he is getting bored, laying all the time in the yard.
  • Trying to do gardening: Sometimes, dog copies humans like monkeys. So, maybe he has observed you gardening in the yard and thinks he should also help his owner make his yard more beautiful. And he destroys it completely.
  • Lack of sense: Pups do so due to a lack of understanding. Yards having small pups are most vulnerable to this behavior. They don’t know what they are doing with your pretty grassland and continue to troll until the owner gets mad at them.
  • Hunting: Suppose your dog finds an animal like a rat or an insect like a worm. What will he do? He will try to chase him, whether he wants to eat it, but he will chase or dig your yard’s soil with his paws.
  • Lack of shelter: Dogs can dig holes for protection purposes. If the owner fails to provide sufficient shelter, he will dig a hole to hide. Moreover, it is sometimes severe hot weather due to which they dig up the soil and hide them as it gives a cooling effect.
  • Wants freedom: Your dog can destroy your lawn if he wants freedom from that area or wants to find a companion outside the home. It mostly happens when your pooch misses his old home or owner. Or if you have kidnapped him from somewhere. In this case, he tries his best to go away from that place.

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How to stop my dog from digging holes?

  • Arrange a sandbox:

The idea mainly applies to breeds with a built-in trait of digging and cannot be stopped from doing so. Sometimes, digging is an instinctual behavior passed down from the forefathers.

Multiple shops provide a sandbox for such dogs, which would be the best approach. But there is a problem here.

How can you attract your dog toward the sandbox?

We can deal with this problem by burrowing a toy or your dog’s favorite bone into this new playland. He will try to get that bone by digging. Moreover, temporarily spread some rocks in new sand areas to provide him with that environment.

Spread a nasty smell in the area:

A dog’s behavior of sniffing the dirt after digging a hole can benefit us if we want to get rid of this habit. You have to use this unusual sense against the digging habit. So what will you do in this regard? Think…

You can use the odor of the material that dogs usually hate. Spread an unpleasant or intolerable smell where the dog digs.

What about the smell of cyanine red powder? The most hated scent by canines

You will notice that the digging habit of your dog is reducing dramatically. When your dog sniffs that part, he will feel aggravated and never dig at that spot.

However, here I have to add that the scent diminishes after rain, heavy wind, and snowfall. So, you have to sprinkle that material again.

Besides cyanine red, there are also some scents like citrus smell. You can also use it if cyanine red is not available on your side.

Your dog can feel pain or irritation in his nostrils. But you don’t have to worry about this, as it is a temporary and benign effect.

  • Create a digging barrier:

Sprinkling the smell can damage the fertility of your yard. Also, some dogs are allergic to these nasty smells. Here is the alternate I am going to depict. What about a digging barrier? Well, it is not costly and can entirely prevent your lawn from creating holes by your furry four-legged friend.

All you need is the chicken wire roll and some time to install it in your yard. As the name implies, the wire was typically made to keep hens from digging holes in your yard. Nevertheless, it can also work the same for dogs.

After installing it, you have a horizontal fence to protect your fertile yard.

So, if your dog tries to resume digging, the barrier will prevent his paws from penetrating the soil.

Note: Keep in mind that wire has a drawback; it can cause severe pain to your dog’s paws. The sharp metal pieces can injure your dog’s paws.

Give him a more relaxed space:

As mentioned above, during the summer, dogs love to make multiple holes due to the severity of the weather that they can’t bear. They dig the cavities and then lie inside them, making themselves comfortable and relaxed. Smart trick!

Nonetheless, this cooling strategy could be better for your lawn. So, if you want him not to dig the holes, furnish them with a cool, shady area so that he will comfortably complete his sleep. Moreover, give them a treat as a sign of appreciation if they stay at that place.

You can also allow them to remain inside the house, so there will be no reason for them to dig up the holes in the yard to get a cool area.

  • Training:

Can I train my dog to stop digging holes?

Teaching your pup not to dig up the holes might seem impractical. However, it is realistic but with some training. If you can teach them to stand and sit by giving commands, then why can’t you do this?

Choose a word as a command for this purpose, like STOP. So, when you observe your dog making holes in the yard, give the command. This will alert him and give him a sign that this task can anger his owner.

You can also use the sound of the whistle for this purpose.

  • Block the spot of digging:

If your dog loves to dig a specific spot, then there is no problem. You have to cover that place with some stones or create a fence. Nonetheless, the focusing area would be an excellent approach to the fence. Soon, your dog will forget the place he used to dig once.

Some other reasons you have to address:

Many dogs dig holes because they either enjoy it or have no other interesting jobs. Sometimes, the smell of moisturized soil stimulates their mind, as some humans also love that smell.

This problem can be eradicated if you engage your dog in something more interesting, like exercising and playing with toys.

You can also engage him with Frisbee or play ball.

Give your sufficient time:

Many dogs do so because they need the engagement of their owner. Lying all the time in your yard is also quite boring, especially for dogs that are made to do heavy exercises. At least fix an hour for your little four-legged friend so that he will not waste his energy on useless activities like digging.

  • Go for the outing:

Just like humans, dogs are not made to remain at home all the time. They need recreation and refreshment. They want to socialize to make good company or friends. Going shopping or in a park can fill this need for your pooch. Take them with you wherever you go so they can interact with other people.

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Is it dangerous for your dog to dig holes in the yard?

Yes, it is here, being the multiple harms a dog can get if he continuously digs the soil.

  • Those dogs with an intimate interest in digging the soil are more vulnerable to the cracking nails issue. Soft soil is digging-friendly, but dry and frozen can crack the nails.
  • Dogs are cautious about eating, but it is not always perfect. Puppies can eat pests or other creepy animals, including mice, snakes, or worms, that can be poisonous to dogs and can be lethal for them.
  • You always enrich your yard’s vegetables with pesticides or fertilizers so they can grow efficiently. But these are not always dog-friendly. It can irritate the nostrils and can cause infections inside the body.

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Dogs digging holes

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Some frequently asked questions.

  • What does nature use to stop dogs from digging?

Red cayenne pepper proved to be the most potent digging deterrent scent that we evaluated. Wherever your dog is digging, sprinkling a tiny bit of powdered powder can help. Your dog will entirely avoid the location after taking a smell. This red pepper will aggravate your dog’s nose when breathed.

  • Can coffee prevent a dog from digging?

Image for home remedies to stop dogs from digging

The method is simple for utilizing coffee grinds to prevent dogs from digging. The best approach to accomplish this is to scatter your morning coffee grounds over the garden area where your dog likes to dig the most. To aid your dog’s ability to smell the grounds, you may leave them resting on the dirt.

  • How do I get my dog to quit digging and being scared?

Teach your dog the commands, then practice them every day.

Reward exemplary conduct.

To keep them occupied while you’re away, give them lots of toys and games.

As soon as they begin to dig, divert them.

Make their surroundings more comfortable for them by making changes.

  • What age is appropriate for neutering the dig?

Male dogs should be neutered between the ages of six and nine months. However, some pet owners wait until their puppy is four months old. Smaller dogs experience puberty earlier and frequently require surgery earlier.

Final thoughts:

As you have seen in the discussion mentioned above, there are several reasons why a dog can dig. But there is a solution to every problem. Using deterrents is a good strategy, but they are not permanent.

The permanent solution is to train your dog and spend a lot of time with him. Go on a trip so that his mind is not preoccupied with digging in your yard. I hope the blog will prove noteworthy for you.

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