Quiet Dog Breeds

Quiet Dog Breeds

Among several dog breeds there are quiet representatives, and many people want exactly such a four-legged friend! Quiet dog breeds have a calm, deliberate temperament and not too high energy levels in everyday life. Compared to other conspecifics, they are less active and quiet. The hunting instinct is also rather weak.

Basically, any dog can be educated to be a quiet four-legged friend, but some breeds bring prudence and calmness by nature. Learn more about quiet dog breeds here and find the ideal four-legged friend for you.

What distinguishes quiet dog breeds in concrete terms?

Quiet dog breeds are not automatically easier in everyday use than active dog breeds. In addition, whether a four-legged friend is calm depends not only on the breed, but above all on his socialization, upbringing, workload and the individual characteristics of the owner.


Quiet dogs rarely make themselves feel loudly. Some four-legged friends cannot express themselves at an excessive volume for genetic reasons. They have an inner peace and a serene physical presence, so they don’t need to raise their voices out loud. But even among well-known “barking breeds” there are calm and balanced dogs, because the socialization and education of the fur nose plays a central role even in puppy age. Some four-legged friends learn from an early age to live according to the motto “in the peace lies the strength” and not to demand everything loudly.

Other dogs have it in their blood, so to speak, to protect others as guard dogs and bundles of energy. It is therefore fundamentally important to know the predisposition of the respective dog and then select the four-legged friend in such a way that it fits both your own temperament and the living situation.


Characteristics of quiet dog breeds at a glance.

Quiet dog breeds are attributed to certain characteristics:

  • Four-legged friends who are considered calm can often relax more easily.
  • Many dog owners want dogs that do not bark loudly, and exactly these characteristics bring many a relaxed four-legged friend. Even if barking sometimes seems annoying or even disturbing to us humans, it is still a very important means of communication for dogs. Because in this way the dog can give an alarm, defend you and his territory, or communicate with his conspecifics. The four-legged friend can also express his emotional situation by barking.

  • Quiet dogs are more relaxed with other four-legged friends. Many dog owners know the problem when other conspecifics are barked. Such behavior can be based on various causes, such as fear or insecurity. Quiet dog breeds generally act more relaxed.
  • Especially young families with small children want a family dog that can muster enough gentleness and patience for the little ones. Many four-legged friends have this characteristic by nature, but even with education a lot can be controlled in this regard. However, it is important in any case that four-legged friends always have opportunities for retreat. Especially younger children who are not yet able to assess dogs correctly. For example, it is very important that the four-legged friend is not firmly embraced by the child: even patient and calm dogs could feel constricted.
  • Quiet dog breeds do not have destructive rage, but are considered calm and level-headed in everyday life. Not only in movies, but also in the everyday life of many dog owners. Chewed shoes or torn food bags are unfortunately often a no-go. But nothing can be generalized, because through targeted training and meaningful activities in everyday life, the behavior of the fur noses can also be positively influenced here.

Maltese are considered quiet dogs

What actually determines the dog’s character?

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Each four-legged friend has his own personality, and dogs of the same dog breed are by far not always very similar! The character of the four-legged friends is significantly influenced by different things.

These include:

Dog breed as an important part of the individual dog character.

If you are about to take a dog into your home, you should definitely deal with the typical character traits of the individual breeds in advance.

Inform yourself well about which dogs are more active, calm, playful, cuddly or even stubborn. Which characteristics best suit you and your everyday lifestyle habits?

A significant part of the animal’s character is already determined from birth by the dog breed.

Further information can be found in our article “Which dog breed suits me?””

Greyhounds are considered a quiet breed of dog that barks little

Education: Further training of existing character traits

The dog breed is an important aspect, but the education of the dog also plays a central role. Because you can further develop and promote the characteristics of your dog. Already, the first environment at puppy age significantly influences the dog’s character: The puppy learns to get along with other conspecifics and also trains his social skills. This is especially the case if the litter consisted of several puppies.

During this time, it is important that breeders also do a lot with the puppies to prepare them for further life, such as driving a car, getting to know vacuum cleaner noises but also playing with the puppy properly.

In the new home, the stabilization phase begins, in which the puppy integrates more and more into the future living environment. In dog school or in dog training, the four-legged friends finally learn patient impulse control. They get used to meeting people and, of course, foreign four-legged friends in a relaxed way.

Different experiences can have a character-changing effect

Formative life experiences also have a lasting influence on the dog’s character – in both a positive and a negative sense. A beautiful and good puppy time has a lasting impact on the four-legged friend and thus lays the foundation for a happy dog’s life.

If the dog is brought up with loving closeness, respect and trust, a relaxed relationship with humans can be established. If, on the other hand, the dog has bad experiences with the owner, he becomes anxious, suspicious or even aggressive and biting.

Habits of the dog owner influence the dog character

This is also an aspect that plays a great importance for the dog character, because four-legged friends are very strongly related to the mistress or master. In some cases, what seems to be a fixed character trait is merely the four-legged friend’s behavioral reaction to the owner.

Irish wolfhounds are considered a large but calm dog breed.

For whom are quiet dog breeds suitable?

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Especially with older people as well as with “beginners” in dog keeping, quiet dog breeds are particularly popular. Basically, however, four-legged friends with such a relaxed temperament are suitable for any person who is not exactly looking for a very active sports partner.

In any case, it is fundamentally important that mistresses or masters always form a good team with their four-legged friend. A dog must therefore always suit you and therefore it should be selected according to its breed-typical behavior.

The environment and the education of the dog also have a significant influence on the nature of the four-legged friend. In addition, it must also be taken into account that dogs adapt to their owner. So if you are an active, energetic person yourself, you will most likely infect your fur nose with it and should also opt for a dog that is active and sporty itself.

Quiet dog breeds at a glance

There are some breeds to which a particularly balanced, calm, reserved and serene nature is attributed.

Dog breeds that bark little

These four-legged friends bark little or not at all, and have a deliberate temperament:

  • Irish Wolfhound: This is a rather large, but still very reserved and friendly dog breed. However, the Irish Wolfhound still needs sufficient exercise.
  • Afghan greyhound: Outside, the Afghan greyhound is very active, at home, rather quiet. However, this dog breed needs daily grooming.

  • Barsoi: If this dog breed gets enough exercise, the Barsoi is a relaxed and leisurely dog breed that barks little.
  • Greyhound: This is an unobtrusive and calm dog, but he can run very fast. For this reason, these four-legged friends also need enough exercise.
  • Akita: These four-legged friends are so self-confident that they don’t even need to make themselves feel good by barking loudly. It is a quiet, yet idiosyncratic dog breed, which in any case should find owners who are well versed in the subject of dog training.
  • Great Dane: This dog breed is very friendly, calm and affectionate and barks very little.
  • Lhasa Apso: This breed of dog barks to announce a visit, for example. Otherwise, these are very relaxed and quiet four-legged friends.


Lhasa Apso are considered quiet dogs that bark little

Small dog breeds with a calm, serene temperament

  • Pug: This breed of dog probably originated more than 2000 years ago. The pug is considered a cheerful, intelligent and calm breed. He needs very little exercise, because these four-legged friends are particularly susceptible to breathing problems. A pug is generally one of the most relaxed, but also one of the laziest four-legged breeds worldwide. A pug is therefore very balanced, easy to care for and uncomplicated to keep.
  • Bolonka Zwetna: Dogs belonging to this breed should have a very balanced and gentle nature. Originally, these four-legged friends come from Russia.
  • Malteser: These are quiet family dogs, but they need enough exercise and exercise every day. They like to spend the rest of their time cuddling with the family members. Even if Maltese are small four-legged friends, they are still impressive guard dogs and in any case heartfelt companions!
  • Shih Tzu: This breed of dog, originally from Tibet, has been bred for a very long time. The four-legged friends are also considered friendly and calm, but also quite stubborn.


Dogs of the breed Shih Tzu are considered a small quiet dog breed

Medium-sized four-legged friends with a calm mind

  • Beagle: This four-legged friend is originally from England and is still a hunting dog today. Beagles are very intelligent four-legged friends with a friendly mind, but need sufficient utilization. In old age, the dogs become even calmer and no longer need so much exercise. The fur nose also loves to snooze during the day and should not be disturbed during the recovery periods.
  • Basset Hound: These four-legged friends also have a calm, gentle nature and like to stay close to their owners. They are happy about extensive caresses, but are also very happy to inspire for great adventure walks. Even if this four-legged breed is very relaxed, you should pay attention to regular exercise in the fresh air as well as a healthy diet, because this breed tends to be overweight.
  • Medium-sized four-legged friends with a calm mindElo: This is still a very young dog breed from Germany. It was only created in the 1980s. These four-legged friends are described as undemanding, calm and balanced. This breed is available in a small size of about 10-15 kg, as well as in a larger form of 22-35 kg.
  • Kromfohrländer: This is also a German, still very young dog breed, which has its origin in North Rhine-Westphalia. Here, too, there are two different variants, namely the smooth-haired and the rough-haired Kromfohrländer. Unfortunately, these four-legged friends are said to be more susceptible to some hereditary diseases.
  • Golden Retriever: These four-legged friends are among the most popular breeds ever, because they are true family dogs. Originally, they were also bred for hunting and therefore need sufficient employment and exercise. However, Golden Retrievers have a very patient, friendly and balanced nature and are therefore definitely one of the very quiet dog breeds.


Beagles are considered medium-sized quiet dogs

Large but calm and relaxed dog breeds

  • Bernese Mountain Dog: This breed of dog comes from Switzerland. Thanks to his patience and good-naturedness, this four-legged friend is still not only a very popular family dog, but also an ideal rescue dog. In addition, they are also very well suited as farm and guard dogs.
  • Great Dane: This well-known German breed has been bred for over 250 years. The four-legged friends are very balanced, friendly and people-oriented. Due to their size, one might now believe that Great Danes are noisy dogs, but this is by no means the case. These dogs are very serene and calm.
  • Labradoodle: These four-legged friends were created by a cross between big poodle and Labrador retriever and originally come from Australia. They belong to the medium-sized dogs with a relaxed, calm nature.
  • St. Bernard: This dog breed also comes from beautiful Switzerland and was previously used very often for avalanche rescue. Due to their stature, they are no longer really suitable for this. St. Bernards are considered the “national dog of Switzerland” and inspire in any case with a gentle and human-centered nature.Labradoodle are big quiet dogs
  • Newfoundlanders: These four-legged friends are quiet giants. They are very good-natured and obedient and therefore ideal family dogs. This dog breed also needs a lot of exercise.
  • Bullmastiff: This British breed is a harmonious and beautiful four-legged friend. Although these dogs look very muscular and large, they are very human-oriented and love cuddles with mistress or master. These dogs are very calm, extremely loyal and famous for their protective instinct and relaxed nature. The Bullmastiff is considered reliable, obedient and protective! Important for these four-legged friends, however, are daily long walks in order to be able to maintain inner peace and balance.


Labradoodle are big quiet dogs

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Quiet dog breeds without hunting instinct

Four-legged friends are descended from the wolf and thus have a natural hunting instinct. However, this is not equally pronounced in all dog breeds. The following dog breeds have little to no hunting instinct:

  • Bearded Collie: This four-legged friend is an elegant, strong dog with a beautifully dense and long coat. The Bearded Collie is a herding dog that is used to protect both its owner and his belongings. Chasing things is not one of the passions of this breed.Bearded Collie – A quiet dog breed without a hunting instinct However, this four-legged friend must be challenged by herding work or other intelligent activities (such as dog sports) so that he is satisfied and sufficiently busy.
  • German boxer: This four-legged friend has a hunting instinct, but can resist it very well. Nevertheless, you should know that the German boxer can be very temperamental and must be sufficiently busy in everyday life.
  • Kleinspitz: This four-legged friend prefers to guard rather than hunt! These dogs are considered curious and loyal, but also rather temperamental.


Bearded Collie – A quiet dog breed without a hunting instinct

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The most popular quiet dog breeds for beginners

Quiet dog breeds for beginners should above all be four-legged friends who are friendly, patient, gentle and balanced. The following dog breeds are considered very uncomplicated in husbandry:

  • Havanese
  • Bichon Frisés
  • Golden Retriever
  • Papillons
  • Maltese
  • Shar Pei

Quiet dog breed for beginners: Bichon Frisé

Which dog breeds are quiet and need little exercise?

Some dogs don’t need much physical exercise and exercise in everyday life. For example, some four-legged friends are bred as lap dogs. Others have a shortened nose area and struggle with breathing problems when they are in motion for a long time.

The following dog breeds need only moderate exercise:

  • Shih Tzu
  • Pug
  • Pekinese
  • Jaan Chin
  • Chinese Crested Dog
  • English Bulldog
  • Mastiff

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Shar Pei dogs need little exercise

Of course, these four-legged friends also want to go for a walk in the beautiful nature, but they do not need such extensive tours as sporty dogs. You can also take many small dogs with you in your dog carrier bag if you want to make long trips. So your fur nose can still be with the whole family, but without having to exhaust itself.

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