Rat Terrier Dog Breed Information 2021

Rat Terrier Dog Breed Information 2021

Rat terrier personality
Tough and elegant are the best traits to define the personality of a Rat terrier. Historically these dogs are known to catch the rats. Even the president of America Theodore Roosevelt praised the role of these dogs. He said that these dogs are great national servants to have in the White House. But while you have these dogs around be sure that your dessert in your plate is safe. Otherwise, your desert may vanish. This is a normal perception of the small dogs

  • These are not necessarily the indoor dogs
  • These are full of energy and not calm.

Both of these perceptions are not true in the case of the rat terrier. This is a low energy and happily living apartment dog.

This may sometimes happen that some dogs are different even in the single breed. Dogs have their own independent characteristics. Some dogs are more cooperative than others. Some dogs are more intelligent than others. Naturally, this is easy to live with this type of dog, it is easy to train this type of dog and it is more pleasant to live with these types of dogs.

Rat terrier has developed a dual personality. This does not mean that it has a personality disorder. Yes, it is a hunting dog that adopts domestic life. In both of its rolls it shows different characteristics.

As a Hunter, it is aggressive and energetic keen to get its prey. While it is not hunting and living as a domestic dog. It shows all the characteristics of a domestic dog. The love, affection, respect, and bonding of the dog with the family make it a perfect family dog.

So we can say that the rat terrier is a family dog who is equally good as a hunter. Or it can be said that it is a hunter who is equally good as a family dog.

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The life expectancy of rat terrier mix

Once we own a pet we develop a special relationship with it. Naturally, we want our pet to live with us for a longer period of time. This is the reason that some people prefer dog breeds with a longer lifespans. If you are a person who shares the same characteristics. Then you are at the right place to know the fact that the rat terrier is a mixed breed and has the longest life span. The lifetime of the rat terrier is shortly less than two decades. If you want to know the exact figure then it is around 19 years.

There is a difference between maximum life expectancy and average life. The average life is the life the dogs spent. On the other hand, the maximum life expectancy is the maximum lifespan a dog of a specific breed can live.

Rat terrier intelligence ranking
Why do you need an intelligent dog? The reasons can remarry.

  • The intelligent dogs are easy to train
  • intelligent enough that these can adapt your lifestyle better
  • the dogs that are intelligent will become a part of your life in a better way

These are some of the reasons because of which we need to know the intelligent level of our dog.

As far as the intelligence level of rat terriers is concerned they are above average. On the scale of intelligence, these talks score 3 out of 5.

As far as the intelligence of the dog in the companionship is concerned it is a perfect thing to have.

This is your best companion while hunting even above and below the ground.

Do rat terriers like water

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if you want to define the personality of the Rat terrier in a phrase that it will be fast and furious. Being furious the dog is not afraid of swimming. It means that the dog is not afraid of water too.

So this will be quite normal for this dog if you want to do the exercises with your dog around the pool.  But be vigilant even the expert dogs may drown if these are not able to find the way back of water.

Dogs try to please their owners. Make sure that you have control on the trading environment. Otherwise, in an effort to please you the dog may get hurt.

The dogs generally develop the ties between their family and him or herself. Dogs develop a specific and special link with the children. As a family dog if you brought the dog at an early age. And your family if you have kids who have grown up with your dog will develop or special affectionate feeding about them.

Rat terrier is also no exception. It develops specialties with the family in which it lives. And if it has grown up with the kids of the family there will be more passion in this relationship.

Russell terrier life span

Different figures are given while discussing the lifespan of the did. The reason behind this may be that this dog is a mixture of different breeds. Normally the lifespan these dogs have is not less than 15 years and not more than 19 years. To be honest you can find the exceptions here.

This breed has three specific classifications. These classifications are done on the basis of the height and weight of the dog.

  1. The first type of dog is known as toys. Height of this is 8 inches. The neck and the head are not included in this measurement. These 8 integers are from the ground level to the shoulder of the dog. The weight of these dogs is a minimum of 4 pounds and a maximum of 6 pounds. These are the smallest and shortest among all
  2. As the height and the weight of the dog increases another category of the dog is introduced. These are known as miniature. hair the height of the dog is a maximum of 14 inches and a minimum of 8 inches.If You compare it with the last parade we have discussed you will find out that in the last category the maximum height is 8 inches. So what was the maximum there is a minimum here?This rule also applies to weight too. the fate of the dog in this classification is a maximum of 6 pounds and a minimum of 8 poundsThese are known as Miniature as
  3. The third type of dog is known as standard. The height of these dogs starts from where the height of the previous classification finishes.These are really the long dogs among all the three classifications. The height of these dogs starts from 14 inches and it goes as high as 23 inches.These are the most heavier ones too. The minimum weight of these dogs is 12 pounds and the maximum weight of these dogs is 35 pounds.

Food for dog

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If you want you can prepare the food for your dog at your home. Otherwise, you can buy already prepared food from the market. Whenever you are buying the food from the market be sure that it has proper certification.

If you are preparing the food at your home try to follow all the hygenic instructions related to dogs. We highly recommend that you consult a professional or at least your veterinary doctor for making the food at home.

Kindly remember that not all human food is suitable for dogs. Dogs may develop some health issues if they eat too much. Obesity is a problem for dogs. So put an eye on the food of the dog. But please it doesn’t mean that you reduce the quantity of the food so much. If you do so the dog will not be able to get the sufficient supply of the food that it is essential for its survival and growth.

Do rat terriers like water
Like all living animals, the rat terrier also requires due attention. The coat protection is required but not extensively. This requirement increases when the season of shedding hair begins. At that time of the year, you should brush the dog coat daily. The nails of the dog should be properly trimmed. If not this will create a problem for dogs. Therefore check and trim the nails of a dog at least once a month. Oral care for the dog is also very necessary. Teeth should be brushed if possible daily. The special care brush designed for the dogs should be used in this process. The ears of the dogs should be checked and cleaned regularly.

Health issues with the Rat Terrier

Generally, there are not many health issues related to the Rat Terrier. Relatively young breed some problems may be discovered at the later stage. But so far so good till now there is not any particular major health issue associated with this breed.

Final Words

These are family dogs and quite comfortable with humans and children. It doesn’t mean that they are at all problem free. If you have small animals like rats and gliders as your pets then this will be a great problem to have this breed of dogs in your house. Even then these are great to have in the house but with some care and precautionary measures.