Does Walking Your Dog Trim Their Nails?

We’re all aware of how important it is to maintain our dog’s nails well-trimmed, not just for them but also for ourselves and our furnishings. Dogs may naturally cut their nails when their paws come in contact with the ground. Walk your dog frequently so it may maintain its trimness. Additionally, those scrapes may be painful! However, if you take your dog for a morning walk regularly, you could question if the need for physical trimming still exists. The most natural way for a puppy to maintain short nails is in this manner, but because they are constantly in contact with soft surfaces, they occasionally require assistance. Your dog’s nails can be trimmed in one of two ways: using clippers or with a file. Some individuals find clippers more convenient and quick, while others prefer filing. Everything depends on your dog and what suits him the most.

Dog nails are too short from walking.

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Some dog owners have the issue of their dogs’ nails becoming too short due to walking. Never trim a dog’s nails too short if they have a good stride. The nails should always be at the ideal length because of how a dog’s paw should land on the ground. When a dog is walking, the foot should only make contact with the ground with the tips of the nails. Your dog’s nails are constantly growing. Your dog’s claws will get shorter with regular walks, even on concrete and other hard surfaces, but they might not stay that way.

How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails?

There are various instruments and techniques to clip your dog’s nails. A Dremel or nail clipper for clipping nails treats clotting powder, nail scissors, guillotine trimmers, plier-type trimmers, or grinders. Your dog may occasionally experience problems caused by the instrument rather than the procedure. Therefore, if using your clippers makes them anxious, consider using a nail file or a grinder. Both options might be precisely good for trimming your dog’s nails.

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How can I naturally trim my dog’s nails?

Naturally is the simplest, stress-free method to keep your nails filed down. When your dog runs or walks on sufficiently challenging terrain, the nails get short. Running on a hard surface is a terrific method to exercise and wear down a dog’s nails simultaneously. If you can’t run with your dog, a great alternative is to bike on a firm surface. Practice your agility with those lenses; they operate like sandpaper and are ideal for filing nails.

What angle should you cut dogs’ nails?

The “quick,” or bundle of nerves and veins found within your dog’s claws, is where the professionals advise cutting your dog’s nails at a 45-degree angle. Hold your dog’s paw firmly when ready to trim, and only do so if they are not yanking their leg away. The portion of the nail’s center houses the nerves and blood vessels.

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Step-by-step instructions for dog nail trimming:

  1. Know when to trim: Knowing when to clip your dog’s nails is one of the most excellent methods to avoid being hurt while learning how to do it. You increase your dog’s risk of damage by trimming its nails when they are too short. Nails can turn into paw pads if left to grow too long, which can be uncomfortable and contagious. Cutting your dog’s nails as they touch the ground is a good idea. Long nails may be painful for your dog to walk on; they can reduce traction and make it easier for your dog to slip and fall, they are more likely to break or come entirely off, and they can grow into your dog’s paw pads and cause discomfort and infection.

  1. Choose proper nail trimmers: Although many dog nail trimmers, the guillotine (U-shaped) and scissors variations are the most commonly used. Cutting your dog’s nails will be more straightforward and pain-free if you use the right nail clippers. Use big dog nail clippers for medium- and large-sized canines. It would be best if you used scissor-style clippers for tiny dogs or pups.

  1. Where to trim? The key question is where to trim. The quick, visible vein in a dog’s nail is known to most dog owners to contain blood. If your dog has white or translucent nails, it will be straightforward to identify the beginnings of the quicks since they will be darker than the rest of the nails. If your dog’s nails are more profound or opaque and you can’t see the quick from the outside of the nail, it is generally advised to trim them softly and carefully, bit by little. The best approach is to cut gradually.

Remember to add the final touches as well! Consider using a nail file to smooth off the bottom of your dog’s nails from the tip of the nail, even though your dog may naturally wear down the rough edges of its cut nails. Now you understand how to trim dog nails. Click Here to read about fun activates dogs go.

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Effects of dog walking on hard Surfaces vs. soft Surfaces


Hard Surfaces Soft Surfaces
Hard surfaces are like roads and sidewalks. Soft surfaces are nature paths that may be made of grass and dirt.
Hard surfaces work as a natural nail file Soft surfaces do not work as a natural nail file
When dogs walk on a hard surface, their nails scrap against the ground, slowly filing them down. Walking indoors makes nails trimmed more often.


Closing Thoughts:

To cut your dog’s nails, there are fortunately a few alternatives. Walking on them is OK if the ground is hard or rough. It would be best if you enjoyed some lovely neighborhood strolls that involve spending time on sidewalks and other concrete surfaces. By all means, keep taking your dog for walks. It’s necessary for your health and welfare, as well as theirs. And while it will give your dog a slight nail cut, remember that it probably won’t be enough. Therefore, familiarise yourself with the structure of your dog’s nails and become skilled at using nail trimmers.

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