Best dog breeds for the kids

When selecting a dog to make him your family member, people usually face several problems. Which breed would excellently match the lifestyle of their home? Which one would be the least aggressive? Which one has a low maintenance cost? And many more.

However, it would be best if you were more selective. But still, there is one more important thing to consider, whether your family contains adults, children, or both. As adults are not more likely to disturb the pooch, your kids typically make mischief, like pulling the tail or ear of your dog. So, if you also own such naughty kids, veterinarian experts prefer to have an old dog rather than a puppy. An older dog has more patience and can tolerate such behavior, whereas a puppy immediately starts barking. And also a lot of benefit of small dog.


What are the key features that I should consider while owning a dog?

⇒ Your dog’s height:

Kids are usually afraid of big dogs and feel comfortable with small pups. So please consider your kid’s choice in this regard. Yet, it is not a hard and fast rule. You can also get a big dog if your kid is not afraid of him. Moreover, always select the dog according to the space you can quickly fix for him or a doghouse you already have. So, it would be a more rational approach.

⇒ Workout or energy level:

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Depending upon your family’s lifestyle, whether you love to remain at home and go for a leisurely morning walk or are adventurous enough to go hiking daily, the choice is yours. But select the right breed, as some dogs are not made for hiking and aggressive workouts; they only want to remain on their couch or cuddle their owner gently. His health will suffer if you allegedly ask such a dog to go hiking or climbing.

⇒ Seriousness or joviality:

Like human personalities, your dog has several habits that recognize his existence. Select the dog depending on your family’s nature, as some homes are severe and do not allow any mischief or giggles. And some families are quite the opposite of that, having fun all the time with their pooch, full of entertainment and making fun together. So, it would be best if you were pickier in this regard. Choose the breed according to the temperament of your family members.

⇒ Care:Why Do Dogs Cry? What Is The Solution To It?

Some breeds are too sensitive and demand high-quality care, like regular baths, daily morning walks, hair trimming, and dog food. So don’t buy a dog for your home with high maintenance if you can’t manage his expenses as they are not economical.

The top breeds for your kids include:

√ Labrador Retriever:

These dogs have good picking power, so they are well-adapted for people who want to spend plenty of time with their pooches. They are entertaining, funny, joy-able, and devoted. Moreover, they are possessive and protective of their owners and family. Demands daily exercise in the form of playing, hiking or running. They are made for swimming and can quickly train for that.

The breed consists of different colors like black, chocolate, and yellow, but all of them have the same features and ability to trust with their strength.

√ Poodle:

Poodles are the best choice if you are looking for a healthy dog that suits your sensitive family and gives you allergy-free joy. The poodle has different sizes, like small, medium, and toy, with many other adorable and vibrant colors. The dogs are loveable, cute, and adaptive for training.

Read More about The benefits of having small dogs.

√ Labradoodle:

The trend of mixed-breed dogs is also at its peak, and a combination of poodles with Labrador retrievers is one of them. The dogs are empathetic and trained as guide dogs. However, the breed is made for a particular purpose, so they are less cuter than previous breeds. They love to hang out with other dogs and require daily workouts. The dog is also comfortable during emotional breakdowns, stress, and anxiety.

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√ Irish setter:

This breed is usually recognized by its red coat. These are too friendly and scared when getting alone for a while. They love to play with the kids and can easily bear several hours of exercise daily. The breed is very energetic and enjoys learning new things with its owner. They do their best to prove themselves as beloved companions. The hair of these dogs is more likely to get dirt. As a result, they require weekly grooming, such as brushing their hair or trimming it every two weeks.

√ French dogs:

The dogs are too funny and entertaining, making you laugh all day with their silly activities. Having a sturdy and stout appearance makes them cuter. Yet, the dog is quite imperfect for a severe family. They require minimum exercise. Besides, much care is not necessary for this breed, like grooming. However, they have the unique feature of having several facial wrinkles. So, this extra beauty needs some extra care and cleanliness.

√ Beagle:

They adapt well to making friends and spending plenty of time with them. Their cute, decent, and delicate appearance makes them unusually loveable and attractive. The dog is just right for your kids and keeps them engaged in charming activities. Because the breed is highly socialized, it does not need to be left alone in your home for security and protection. They have god-gifted beautiful watery eyes that never let you go anywhere without them.

♦ Boxer:

A perfect choice if you need protection. You must make this breed your family member, as they are loyal and can provide excellent companionship whenever required. The dogs are medium in size, energetic, ready to play, and specially made to keep your child dynamic with them. They require many exercises daily but are very picky about the weather. Because they cannot tolerate a hot environment, this would not be a good choice for you if you live in a warm area. Always go for a walk with them in the morning to get a cool breeze that will surely energize their whole body.

♦ Cocker spaniel:Why does my rat terrier hang out his tongue?

This breed behaves like a human except for its dog-like appearance and barking sound. They are always ready for action, have smart senses, and have an affectionate and gentle nature. They are prepared to lift your depression with their cute and alluring activities. Because they have long, soft, and adorable ears, they are more likely to get an ear infection. So, it would help if you kept them clean all the time. Always keep them groomed and clean.

♦ King Charles Spaniel’s cavalier dog:

These cute and vivacious companions are created when you combine the portability of a toy breed with the vigor of a sporting one. These friendly, silky-furred companions get along with almost everyone, even people with children and other canines. The heart-melting face and flowing hair are just a bonus.

♦ Bulldog:


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They ask for a dog devoted to your family until its last breath. Then the bulldog will never prove me wrong if I suggest it to you. Despite their lack of energy, this breed proves to be an excellent companion and friend when you are emotionally disturbed. They are perfect couch friends and prefer to exercise less daily.

They are highly adaptable to different environments. He can live with a family with several members and a few members. Or they are having children or getting older. They face no difficulty in making friends. They can even find companionship with other breeds too. You don’t need to worry about their residence as they can adjust to tiny and large houses.

♦ Pug:

Do you love to stay home, watch movies, eat snacks, and sleep on your couch all day?

Then you don’t need to look further for any other breed as the breed is quite lazy and demands only a couch with the owner, eating and sleeping all day and cuddling with their owner. But being lazy, they become too bulky if not exercised properly. So it would help if you went for a walk with him daily for his fitness. Though they are not for exercise, a regular play session with your kid makes him much happier. And read more about small dog.

Due to their wrinkled faces, they need a good cleaning of their faces. In addition to that, their teeth are highly vulnerable to getting the disease if not brushed regularly. However, minimum hair means minimum brushing.

♦ Vizla:

If you and your family are too adventurous to go hiking or clambering, or you want to visit different forests for research, then the breed is just for you, as Vizla needs plenty of exercise daily. Vizla is quite obedient, having affectionate and loyal nature. They have patience and are eager to learn different tricks. They are passionate about training. Having a short coat, they do not demand to groom in their daily routine.

♦ Bichson fries:

Do your children love to play and exercise, and you do not have time to join them?

Then buy a Bichsonse fries for him as it is a workout companion and is always eager to play with your child. Moreover, being small in size makes him easier to carry and more attractive. They are too energetic and are always seen in jumping mode. Besides these qualities, they are loyal to their companion and try their best to protect him. Having a fluffy coat, they require a routine brush and a regular bath after 2 or 3 days as the perk or dirt becomes entangled in their hair.

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Comparison of giant breed and miniature breeds.

Big breeds

Small breeds

⇒  Good in hiking, climbing, and trips in mountain areas ⇒  You can walk and run for plenty of time along a straight road.
⇒ They are just like teddy bears. You love to cuddle them, making your body warm. ⇒  They are suitable for lap sleeping. They easily fit in your lap, making it warm nicely.
⇒  They remain in puppy size for less than one year after they become adults. ⇒  They remain in puppy size for a lifetime, easy to carry and handle.



What is the number 1 breed of dog in the world?

Labrador Retriever is the world’s best dog breed, and people usually love to pet them. Its high demand is due to unusual obedience and love for its owner. The dog has been highly ranked since 1991.

What is Scooby Doo’s breed?

Scooby doo bread was Great Dane. Animation maker Iwao Takamoto designed the character. He probably chooses this breed due to its loyalty and vital companionship.

Which one is the most dangerous dog?

Pitbull are the most dangerous breed of dog, quite unfriendly to humans. The recorded number of deaths that occur by the pitbull attack is 213 per annum.

Final Thoughts

Before selecting a dog for your family members, it is good to acquire some knowledge regarding that breed’s nature and benefits and cons. The article will provide you with sufficient knowledge. After reading it to the last word, you could select a friendly, obedient, and sweet dog for your kids and home protection. Dogs being faithful animals do their best to safeguard your home so consider their strength if you also want your dog to protect your bungalow in your absence.

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