How can I help my Shih Tzu with his breathing problem:

Veterinarians initially performed several operations required to stabilize the dog when experiencing severe respiratory difficulties. Nobody likes to watch their dog in pain, and seeing a canine with respiratory issues may be dreadful.  This blog will examine the signs, causes, and potential home cures for dog respiratory issues. Home cures are not always the best approach; if your dog suffers from severe respiratory problems, you should take them to the doctor as soon as possible.

What are the canine respiratory distress symptoms?

The respiratory system is the system of the body that delivers oxygen and carbon dioxide to the body. Like humans, oxygen is essential to a dog’s well-being but can also cause breathing problems. One of the most obvious signs a dog has trouble breathing is noisy breathing.

Why is my dog breathing heavily and panting so much?

There are three main kinds of dog breathing problems that you may see in your pup. These include:

  • Panting
  • Rapid Breathing
  • Labored

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As much as possible, adhere to the care guidelines for your Tzu during the summer. Avoid exercising in extreme heat. Allow your dog to walk in the early morning or right before nightfall when it’s usually more relaxed. When you are out and about with your Shih Tzu, bring water and frequently stop for a rest in the shade. If the collar is too small for the dog, the dog’s ability to breathe may be hindered. To determine if the collar is loose enough, observe if two fingers can fit beneath it. Use a harness instead of tying your Shih Tzu to a leash since it’s gentler on their throat. The atmosphere should be hydrated. A Shih Tzu dog needs a solid bed, so its body won’t sag into the mattress. A cushion should be positioned behind the neck to improve breathing. When it becomes overly enthusiastic, try calming your dog, so it doesn’t damage his respiration.

When should I take my pet to the vet?

Home cures for canine respiratory issues usually work well, but occasionally, you must take your dog to the doctor. The sooner you take your dog to the clinic if he has severe respiratory issues, the better his prospects for survival are. You should take your dog to the vet right away if you observe any of the following signs:

Fearful, gasping for air or collapsing, laboriously breathing, choking gums, a tongue that is white or blue (some breeds, like Chow Chows, naturally have blue tongues), along with extreme mouth pawing, coughing, gagging after a cough, nasal obstruction, intolerance to exercise, fainting, and wheezing. Read more about Dog Safety Tips on the beach.

Depending on the condition, there may be other symptoms. Pet owners may also see lethargy, fever, lack of appetite, and other signs.

Questions to Ask Your Vet

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Some canine respiratory conditions can transmit to other dogs, pets, and even people. Ask your veterinarian if there are any steps you need to take to prevent the illness from spreading to other family members. Discover when your veterinarian and who will check your dog’s development to contact in case of an emergency outside regular office hours.

Your veterinarian should be informed of any possible side effects that your dog may have from the medications that it is taking.

Solutions at home for canine breathing issues

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Supportive treatment is crucial in helping dogs recover from ailments that make breathing difficult. You can apply natural solutions for dog respiratory issues in less difficult situations. These can make your dog’s life more comfortable and assist with some of the symptoms we previously described. They must be observed and encouraged to eat, drink, and relax. Even if their health seems to return to normal before the time is through, dogs taking antibiotics or other drugs to treat an infectious illness should finish the course. If your veterinarian has recommended other medications, take them exactly as directed.

Tricks for All Shih Tzu Dogs to breathe correctly

Dogs with significant respiratory problems could need more oxygen, necessitating a veterinary facility stay. You could give your dog bronchodilators or steroidal anti-inflammatories to assist him in breathing. If your dog has a cardiac issue, heart medicines can be required. All extraneous objects impeding the respiratory system must be removed. Limit his activity until your pet’s breathing issue is dramatically better.

Comparison between Shih Tzu breathing fast and shallow:

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Breathing Fast:

  • Symptoms of Breathing Fast
  • Breathing more quickly than usual with a closed mouth
  • Open-mouthed breathing
  • Noisy breathing
  • Head held low and extended; elbows bowed out.
  • Tongue hanging out
  • Breathing more quickly than usual with a closed mouth

Breathing Shallow:

  • Symptoms of Breathing Shallow
  • She was breathing with an open mouth.
  • With each breath, the stomach heaves.
  • Noisy breathing (raspy or congested)
  • When breathing, the nostrils expand wide.
  • Instead of pink, the gum is either grey or blue.
  • Instead of pink, the tongue is blue or purple.


Final Thoughts:

Shih Tzus are prone to several health issues, including respiratory problems, because of their tiny faces. As the owner of a Shih Tzu, you must take extra care on sweltering days. Short-faced dog breeds find it very difficult to breathe under these conditions, which are common in Australia, particularly in the subtropical climate of Queensland. Your Shih Tzu may become dehydrated and experience heatstroke as a result on muggy days, so giving your dog enough drinks while they’re outside is essential. If your dog appears to be having respiratory issues, call your veterinarian straight once. Breathing problems can result from sickness in any component of this system. Common allergies to serious heart or lung conditions might cause dogs to have breathing issues. While it’s probable that your Shih Tzu will remain healthy throughout its whole life, it’s helpful to spot the symptoms of common illnesses so you can seek treatment right away and keep your dog as healthy as possible.

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