Best fun activities to do with your dog

Best fun activities to do with your dog


Dogs and humans are much like each other and share several habits. We always need recreational activities that give us joy and busy our minds. No matter if that activity is indoor or outdoor, your dog needs fun and plenty of time that he can spend with you.

The blog will discuss plenty of fun activities that you can do with your four-legged friend.

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What are the indoor activities for your dog to play with?

If you live in a place suffering from cars, construction containers, and any other unwanted things your dog must not engage with, it would be better to keep your dog busy with indoor activities.

1.    Teach your dog a trick:

A dog has much higher picking power than other four-legged animals. Your dog loves to obey his master. Teaching your dog a trick is fun for the pooch and his owner. We will give you some ideas to teach your dog a funny and exciting joke.

  • Always start to train your dog with care and affection. If you strictly control your dog, he will get disheartened and will not respond to your leanings.
  • Teach him with a whistle or other command sound, like “1,2,3 roll”. And he will roll his body.
  • Continue to train and treat him to his favorite meal if he does a fantastic job.
  • You must appreciate him for doing a great job, so he will try to do better next time.

2.    Play Frisbee:

The Frisbee game enriches your dog with good health, including burning fats and cholesterol. The activity truly engages your pooch with a heavy dose of fun. However, before committing your dog to such strenuous exercise, you should consult a veterinary doctor because such games require a lot of jumping, which weak dogs cannot handle. But still, the game contains much enjoyment.

You throw a frisbee on your lawn, and the dog quickly jumps to catch it and gives it to you to repeat.

It is optional that you must use a frisbee to play this game. It depends on your dog’s interest. If your dog loves to play with a ball, you can go for that. Similarly, other toys are also allowed to be used in this regard.

3.    Play hide and seek with your dog:

Giving your dog an old toy is quite ordinary and somehow dull. As he has been doing since his first day at your house, provide your dog with a challenging task full of fun. And hide and seek fulfills this requirement efficiently.

  • Hide your dog’s favorite food or the toy he loves the most someplace. Well, it is ok to let him know where you have hidden his meal. And never forget to appreciate when he finds the hidden thing.
  • When your dog becomes trained, you can hide things without letting him know. As the sense of smell is unique in dogs, they can quickly find that thing.
  • You can also hide the things underground in the soil. So, he will dig the ground for that thing. Such fun can also boost the spy abilities of a dog.
  • Like you play hide and seek with your child, you can also hide yourself and ask your four-legged friend to find you.

4.    Arrange a birthday party:

Dogs love surprises too. Giving him a birthday party with other dogs will be fantastic entertainment for your beloved dog. To provide love and a favorite meal is all a dog demands from you. So, it will be more than perfect if you arrange a birthday party with a lovely treat and the toys your dog loves the most.

Add decorations and make a cake special for your dog. It is optional that the birthday must be on the day when your dog was birth. Nevertheless, you can celebrate his birthday when he arrives at your home.

5.    Give him a doggy massage:

Like human beings, your pooch loves to get a lovely massage after a hectic day. Playing with Frisbee and other exercising games can surely tire your dog. He will get a comfortable zone on your lap if you massage him.

Make a slow and easy massage to him. According to veterinarian experts, a massage can make your dog healthy and fit and allow perfect blood circulation in your pooch’s body. You can make an appointment with a massager, but it will be cute if you do this yourself. Give a sign of love to your pet.

6.    Watch your dog’s favorite show:

No need to go to the theatre or cinema halls to watch a movie with your dog as many theatres do not allow pets. But you can surely enjoy a movie night at your home.

  • Create a comfortable soft place for your dog and yourself.
  • Watch your favorite movie; most pooches love to watch anime; however other movies can also be watched.
  • Always consider your dog’s favorite movie, as you do all this to make him happy.
  • Prepare some snacks for your dog and another one for you.
  • Now, spend a memorable lovely movie night with your little friend.

What are some dogs’ favorite movies?

Here are some movies that are usually the favorite of dogs and their owners.

  • Homeward Bound
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Marley and Me
  • The Fox and the Hound

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7.    Play a “cup game”:

The game is a little bit challenging for your dog and requires some concentration, but he will love to play the game. All you need is three cups with your dog’s favorite meal.

How to play a cup game with your dog?

  • Take three cups and the favorite meal of your dog.
  • Allow your dog to watch while keeping a meal inside one of them.
  • Now, quickly shuffle all three.
  • Now, ask your dog to guess where his meal is.
  • When he guesses the right cup, give him a treat.

8.    Play tug of war:

Unlike humans, the game does not give any aggression to the dog. Moreover, it does not require significant area or ground as you can easily play it on your home lawn. The game is exercising and burning the fats of your dog. That’s why it is pretty healthy.

How to play Tug of war with your dog?

But before playing, you must know the steps to follow;

  • Take a rope strong enough not to break while stretching by your dog.
  • Mark at the center by hanging a cloth containing your dog’s treat inside; it can be a portion of dog food or bone.
  • Now teach him to stretch on one side while you are trying on another side.
  • As your purpose is to play with your dog, not to win the game so don’t use your full power. Allow your dog to succeed, and give him a treat.

9.    Clean the things together:

It’s not a challenging task to teach your dog to help you in routine jobs like cleaning his toys or food bowl. The dogs are intelligent with extraordinary picking ability. They don’t take a long time to understand things.

All you need is to do some appreciation in this regard after the completion of each task. Your friends will be amazed to see your pet helping with the routine chores. Just like

  • Bringing something from the fridge while cooking
  • Ask to hold the newspaper while you are eating
  • Place the clothes or other things in the right place

In this regard, your dog will entertain and ease your work.

10. Photo session:

Believe me or not to make your dog presentable and clicking some pictures is fantastic fun for both of you. Dogs love to look adorable. Moreover, you never believe it before experiencing that dog make different poses for the photo session. Looks cool!

You can put glasses on it and a bow. A sweater or t-shirt will add more beauty in this regard.

11.Doga (dog yoga):

It is hard to find a yoga club for dogs. But it would be best if you did this with him. Yoga does not only contain physical exercise or some strange poses. Eye contact, coordination, and a strong bond between the owner and his dog also consider yoga activities.

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12.Dancing and listening to music together:

Freestyle music and dancing would be a fun and relaxing activity for your dog. Make a tracklist which is your favorite of both of you and then listen in your free time by dancing with each other. This will make your bond strong.

What are the outdoor activities to do with your dog?

You and your dog need a trip outside the home for good mental and physical health—whether it is some outing or an extended vacation. But interaction with other people is too significant for your dog. Dogs help general health and mental state.

1.    Go on vacations:

Make yourself engage with your cute pooch by going for a long vacation to spend plenty of time with your little friend, which provides you with self-satisfaction and charm. Spend a beautiful time with your pooch and make many memories so that there will be no element of strangeness between you and your dog.

For vacations, you can go to hilly areas having snowfall. But remember that before going on this trip, remember to prepare a bag pack for your dog. You must know about the climate of that area and set bags according to that. It must contain warm clothes (if you are going to a cold region), dog food, and some snacks. Please consider taking your dog’s favorite thing, like a blanket or ball or something else, along with you.

2.    Go for a picnic:

Dogs love outings, and having a great picnic is the best option for mind freshness. Go for a picnic on a beach or a lake along with some good meals and toys. Spend all day and take snaps with your pooch. Spend much time make gossips with your dog, sharing feelings, and many more. Dogs are too interesting to listen to and can deeply feel your sentiments.

3.    Camping together:

Having a bone fire camping would be the best option for your dog. The such evening would be mesmerizing for humans as well as their pets. You can buy dog camping tents by Clicking Here.

4.    Swim in the pool:

Go together for swimming. Teach them how to swim. In starting, they can be a little bit scared of water, but after some training, they can swim easily. Make them calm in the water. Ask them to create splashes and waves.

You can also do this indoors. It would be best if you had a water tube tub, and your dog could bathe in it.

5.    Doggy March:

You will be amazed that several countries organize the dogged march on the parade ground. It sounds cool! But it is not that much simple as it seems. Please make several preparations in this regard. You have to purchase a costume and give good training according to the rules of march past.

This makes your dog more social and allows him to make four-legged friends. In this way, your dog learns how to behave with other dogs. Service dogs can also be psychiatric, hearing dogs for deaf people, mobility dogs, and more.

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Some frequently asked questions by dog owners.

What does my dog want for fun?

The following things are best to entertain your dog.

  • Play hide and seek
  • Listen and dance to music
  • Play with the ball
  • Go for an outing
  • Plan a movie to watch together.

How many times my dog needs an outing?

Different dogs have different interests. Some dogs are introverted and do not like public gatherings. So they need minimum outing programs. However, some pooches are too excited to go outside and make friends, so they need 2 to 3 times a picnic or date in one month.

What are the signs that your dog is getting bored?

Dogs do different useless activities if they get bored like

  • Licking their tail
  • Digging the soil
  • Scratching the walls
  • Useless barking
  • Running here and there


Dogs are loveable creatures and need your intimate love and interest. They want to spend maximum time with you, but on such a hectic day, you can’t spend all the time with them. But you must give them one day a week for their enjoyment and fun otherwise they get bored and sometimes leave their meal. Having a trip with them can make their mind fresh and yours.

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