How to train a dog with the shock collar to come to you

How to train a dog with the shock collar to come to you?

Shock collars are also known as training collars, e.collars, or electronic collars. These collars are specially used to train aggressive and hostile dogs. These collars have stimulations, vibrations, or beeps for controlling the dogs. These are used to make your dogs attentive. They are used to improve the bad behavior of the dogs. Trainers of the dogs used these collars to deliver their commands. The voltage of these collars is kept very low. They are not harmful to dogs. These collars also automatically cut off the current if it exceeds the required amount. They are used to create a friendly relationship between the dogs and their owners.

Sometimes, they have a negative impact on the dogs and they behave more negatively. They are trained very keenly and gently.

Train a dog with a shock collar to come

To train a dog to ask him to do the work of your choice is relatively a difficult task.

These remote training collars are used to take charge of the dogs. The dogs wear these electronic collars around their necks. These collars are designed for small shocks, stimulations, beeps, and vibrations. Every dog has the capacity to bear a specific voltage. These collars are made of different levels of electronic shocks and vibrations. These are remote-control collars. These are handhelds and allow the owner to deliver the commands to their dogs.

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Minimum voltage current to train a dog with a shock collar to come to you

First of all, you have to find the voltage of current your buddy could bear. This can be done by observing an ear twitch, turning their head to the side of the collar box, or applying other methods. Once you got to know about the current, the next step is to configure them and make them good boys.

Then these stimulations are considered as the conditions to do specific tasks by the dogs. Now for the next step, take your dog with you and go for the walk. Hand the leash of the dog. If the dog move to the opposite side of you, keep handing the leash to the dog. Now tap the button on the remote for the dog to turn back. Keep pressing the button until the dog reverse. As the dog return, remove your hand from the button. At this very first point, you would achieve your goal of turning off the dog as it is the first step required for the improvement of your dog’s behavior.

A dog’s achievement

Some trainers reward their dogs for this first achievement. It may or may not require. But doing so can build a healthy relationship between the trainer and the dog. The reward can be of any form. It can be food or any other toy.

Moreover, this phase only requires the dog to turn toward the trainer. No other command is given at this phase of learning. Then, the trainers move towards the next phase of the improvement.

The next teaching phase will teach the dog to move a few steps toward the trainer. This needs to happen during the stimulation. Now, in this step, when you tap the button, it will command the dog to turn back and start moving toward the trainer. As the dog turn back on stimulation, keep tapping the button until the dog starts drawing the steps. The trainer will take a few steps back, and stimulate the dog to start drawing his steps toward the teacher.

Once the dog starts heading toward its teacher, stop the stimulation. The main purpose of canine training is to turn their rude behavior into obedience. It is perfectly done by using the remote training collars. This collar will train the dog to ignore all distractions and advance toward it. Some trainers start using a long rope to allow the dog to feel free and at liberty. Then, you can test different types of hindrances to see if your dog gets distracted or not.

As the dog starts grasping the word come and recognizing it in their minds as a sign to move toward the trainer in every situation, then there is no need of using these shock collars. Wait for some three to four seconds after giving the command come. If the dog doesn’t proceed toward the owner, then tap the button of the shock collar. A remote training collar will always be there as a great help to call your dog until you get sure that your dog will head towards you without using a small shock.

After your canine recognizes the command come, there is no need to use a long rope to hold your canine.

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Remote available to train a dog with the shock collar to come to you

Only the shock collar is put on the neck of the dog and a handheld remote is available to control your dog. These are small shock that is bearable. Sometimes dogs start bolting when they are given the stimulus and outrun towards their heads. The shock collars are not just for the purpose of bolting. Its main purpose is to teach obedience. Only because of this, trainers need to work with the check cord, until it starts obeying instead of bolting.