Top 9 best dogs commands and hand signals

Top 9 Best Dogs Commands And Hand Signals

Dogs are the best breeds and became the best friends of humans. Training a dog is a difficult task. Some dogs are very aggressive. Teaching your dog, the different commands and hand signals help them to become your best friends. It is the best way to communicate with your buddies. Different tricks are used for communication. Some dogs better understand hand signals. Some understand commands the best. The pooch owners start training their pets at a very young age. This technique is indispensable at a young age. Dogs start to lose their listening power with time. This causes them not to hear the voice commands. So in that case, hand signals are more advantageous and workable. For hand signals, the dogs have to look at your hand. While using voice commands, the dogs will hear your command without the need to look at you.

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Hand signals to call your dogs

There are different theories to call the dogs. Pavlov’s experiments are used to call the dogs for food. Many other theories are also available to call the dogs using hand signals.

Different veterans use different hand signals. These hand signals are quite easy to interpret for different breeds of dogs. The most commonly used hand signals are:


To give your dog a calling signal, give them a voice command with the hand command. Keep your hand open and the palm facing your forward. Call them to your side. Move your hand in the diagonal motion and take your hand to your opposite shoulder.

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Some people call the dogs to heel. To call your furry friend to heel, take your hand near your hip. Then you can use both two methods to heel your dog. Either you can heel your dog by tapping your hip or can move your hand around your hip.

Look at me

For giving different hand signals and commands to your dogs, the owner required their dogs to look at them. For this purpose, ask your dog to look at you by using your index finger. Point him to look in your eyes by using your finger.

Call them to stay

It is one of the most important commands especially when you are outside in the street for a walk with your pooch. Keep your palm in front of your chest and keep it away from you. Keep your palm away from you and down towards your dog.

Sit down

Command your dog to sit down by using your hand. It is one of the most common commands. Hold your palm just before your chest. Then to call your dog, swipe your hand in an upward direction.

Stand up

If your dog has learned the command to sit down, it is easy for him to learn the command to stand up. Keep your hand open with the palm drawing on the forward side. Then move your hand swiftly in the backward direction.

Lie down

Hold your finger at the horizontal angle in front of you. While doing this, hold your hand in front of your chest. Then move your hand in the downward direction by slowly moving your wrist pointing towards the ground.

Command, how to hold anything

To teach your dog to hold or catch things out of your hand, open your hand in front of them. First, keep your palm open and then close it in the form of a fist.

If you want your dog to allow him to move away and free him from training, take your hand towards your shoulder. Keep your palm open and move it forward and upward. It shows the shrugging off your shoulders.

Command, How to Drop anything

If your dog keeps something in his mouth and you want him to drop that thing out of his mouth, hold your hand in front of their eyes. Make the fist of your hand and hold it in another hand. Then open your closed fist and show it as you are dropping your other hand in front of the dog. Your dog will learn how to drop things.

Call the dog to your favorite position

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When you want your dog to go to the place you want, first go in front of that specific position. Then use your index finger to order the dog to go there. For this purpose, point your finger at that position.

Rewards for your dog

When your dog has learned all the voice commands and hand signals, appreciate him by giving him rewards. Giving rewards to your pets should be an essential part of your training. Training requires you to be patient and calm down. It will help you to build a healthy relationship with your furry pet. It will bring a lot of joy to you and your pooch.

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