Do Dogs Like Pet Water Fountains? (Pros and Cons + FAQ)

This blog could change the perspective of anyone with a dog. We care deeply about making sure our four-legged companions always have access to clean water, which is why we’ve put together all the guidance related to pet water fountains keeping in view the drinking requirement of dogs along with its advantages and disadvantages.


Water intake for dogs is something that many people overlook, despite how vital it is. Dogs must drink water to keep hydrated, happy, and healthy.

All dogs need water, but those who spend a lot of time outside require it more. Dogs can easily become dehydrated and experience skin issues if they don’t have access to clean water, among other health issues. For dogs, staying hydrated is very important. You may look at the warning signs if your dog seems undernourished or dehydrated as;

  • Absence of hunger
  • low activity levels
  • Fever
  • Urination or vomiting

Keep a lot of water nearby to help your dog. Dogs particularly crave clean water. It’s important to guarantee that your dog has access to fresh water at all times. So for this purpose, a pet water fountain might be an excellent place to give your dog a drink.

But Do Dogs Enjoy Drinking From Pet Water Fountains?

The answer will surprise you, as pet water fountains are captivating to dogs because they offer a cool supply of water. Even if dogs have access to alternative water sources, such as a bowl of water inside the house, they will still drink from a water fountain. This is so that dogs enjoy the steady flow of running water from a fountain instead of stagnant water.

Although, It’s a common myth that dogs dislike water fountains. A lot of dogs like approaching water fountains in the way that water fountains provide them enjoyment and novelty.

Having a dog water fountain has a lot of advantages. Your dog will like it and also get the necessary hydration from it. All day long, a water fountain can keep your dog healthy.

Additionally, they will adore the sound of the flowing water. Dog water fountains come in three main categories:

  • Stationary,
  • Plug-in
  • Battery-Operated

Things to Keep in View While Choosing a Pet Water Fountain for Your Dog:

There are a few things to think about while choosing a water fountain for your dog.

  • You must first consider your dog’s size and temperament.
  • Keep in view that some pet water fountains are big and need a little more room, while others are smaller and may fit in a smaller space.
  • Consider the design of the fountain.
  • Select the right filter to provide your dog with a clean, well-kept water fountain.

NPET DF10 Dog Water Fountain

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“Do you ever worry about the cleanliness of your dog’s water?”

Although dog owners have a wide range of options for water fountains for their canine companions, it is important to pick a device that will be secure for their pets. A decent water fountain filter will ensure that the water is clean and fresh by removing contaminants. It’s critical to take a few elements into account while looking for the best water fountain filter for your dog.

  • Make sure the filter is the appropriate size for your water fountain.
  • Some filters are made for certain dog breeds. So, It’s crucial to select the right filter for your pet’s requirements.
  • The proper filter for your needs must be chosen because there are numerous types of filters on the market as;
  • Mechanical filters
  • Activated carbon filters

Dog water fountain filters are important because they clean the water of pollutants and make them suitable for consumption by your dog.

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Pros of Pet Water Fountain for Dogs

  • A dog can benefit from having a water fountain because it can keep them hydrated.
  • A dog may stay active and healthy by drinking from a water fountain, which can also help keep them from gaining weight.
  • A pet water fountain can be a terrific method to keep your pet healthy and happy because there are so many locations to stroll around.
  • Water fountains are the finest way to keep dogs cool during the hot summer.
  • Dogs can be entertained while you are away and won’t continually demand food if you use a pet water fountain.
  • Dogs may be kept motivated and active by the sound of rushing water, which may result in improved behavioral outcomes. For pups, this is especially true. A fountain may be appreciated by older dogs as well because it might lessen their boredom and separation anxiety.
  • Pet water fountains can supply your dog with a steady stream of fresh, clean water to drink. The fountain’s flow discourages the growth of algae.
  • There is no need to be concerned about spills or bowl refills.
  • Whether or if you want a filter on your fountain is an important decision. By removing grit and other particles from the water before it gets to your pet’s mouth, filters help keep it cleaner.

Dog Water Fountain for Large Dogs

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Cons of Pet Water Fountain for Dogs

Although a dog water fountain can be a terrific way to keep them hydrated, there are some drawbacks to take into account.

  • For starters, the fountain’s sounds may be too loud for a peaceful dog and the water may be too cold for a hot dog.
  • the fountain will rapidly become a waste of money if your dog is a heavy drinker.
  • cleaning might be challenging.

How Pet Water Fountain Works

Pet water fountains are made to encourage your animal companion to consume more water, which can help prevent health issues. Just like us, pets require water, but they don’t always recognize when they are thirsty. A moving source of fresh water is provided by a pet fountain, which motivates animals to consume more liquids. However, some models have a button that enables you to turn it on for 30 seconds if you want the pet to have access even when you’re not home. The fountain is often activated by the dog drinking from it.

Below are some of the best dog fountains on amazon:

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7 Frequently Asked Questions About the Pet Drinking Fountains

If you’re considering investing in a dog water fountain for your pet, you’re undoubtedly wondering if it will be worthwhile. Here are eight frequently asked questions about the pet fountain and the answers to those questions to help you decide if it’s the correct choice for your pet.

How should I clean my pet water fountain?

The same guidelines apply to cleaning garbage disposal or dishwasher as they do to cleaning a pet fountain. The accumulation of dirt and bacteria can end up smelling bad and endanger the health of your pet. Cleaning aids in preventing the growth of bacteria inside the reservoir. You only need a bottle brush, vinegar, and hot water to clean your pet water fountain. Add two cups of vinegar and two cups of boiling water to the reservoir. Whether or if you want a filter on your fountain is an important decision. By removing grit and other particles from the water before it gets to your pet’s mouth, filters help keep it cleaner.

IS IT SAFE to use a pet water fountain for your dog?

Yes, it is safe. For a better understanding, you need to take a few things into account.

If you’re concerned about the safety of this product, consider the following scenario: If you have a pet water dish outside and it starts to rain, would the unclean rainwater make the dish unhealthy for your dog to drink from? No! A pet water fountain operates in the same manner.

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How can I encourage my dog to consume more water?

Finding strategies to encourage your dog to drink more water is vital because dogs frequently don’t do so on their own. There are a few things you can do if your dog won’t drink from your home’s dog fountain. First, check to see if the fountain is clean and if nothing is obstructing the water flow.

How much should I expect to pay for a pet water fountain?

A pet fountain’s price will vary according to its size, construction, and amenities. For instance, fountains made of stainless steel are typically more expensive than fountains made of plastic. However, compared to stainless steel ones, some plastic fountains may be more dependable and simpler to clean. In general, a high-quality fountain should cost at least $60.

Are there various types of dog fountains available?

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Dog water fountains come in three main categories: stationary, plug-in, and battery-operated. In your home, stationary dog water fountains install on the floor or a wall. Dog water fountains that plugin run on a power cord and are connected to an outlet (usually a kitchen counter or garage). Four AA batteries are needed for battery-operated dog water fountains. Although these can be deployed anywhere, they need their batteries changed more frequently than plug-in devices.

Why do dogs like to drink in flowing water?

For dogs, drinking from moving waters comes naturally. Dogs are the descendants of several hunters and scavengers who pursued their prey into bodies of water. They would either wait till the blood washed ashore or consume the animal’s blood that had leaked into the water. Some dogs prefer to drink from a running faucet, waterfall, or other sources of moving water due to this innate inclination that has been passed down through the centuries.

How can I know whether my dog is getting enough water?

Look at the color of your dog’s urine and how frequently they urinate to determine whether they are getting enough water. If your dog isn’t drinking enough water, it might lead to dehydration and kidney failure, if left untreated. Your dog should ideally drink enough water so that its urine is clear or hardly yellow.

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