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How do I stop my dog’s aggression toward other dogs?

Your dog’s aggression toward other dogs is one of the most embarrassing behaviors and can isolate you and your dog from society. Imagine your dog constantly barking at puppies and adult dogs; who would want to play with him? No owner will allow his pooch to go with a barking, aggressive, and horrible four-legged hound.

You are not the only one facing this trouble. The blog is made for pet owners who are helpless in this regard and, despite their maximum effort, fail to change the aggressive behavior of their four-legged companion.

To change this intolerable behavior, your dog must undergo specific training sessions demanding hard work and professional assistance.

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Why is my dog too aggressive with other dogs?

You cannot conclude the reason for a dog’s aggression or, sometimes, attack another dog with a single sentence. The conflict can be created on the spot or have historical roots. The key reason for this includes the following;

  • Illness or hunger pangs: Sometimes, it may be due to illness or hunger pangs lasting several hours that turn an average pooch into an aggressive one while playing with or interacting with other dogs.
  • To display dominancy: Similarly, showing dominance over other dogs may be considered a violation. In this way, canines are not much different from humans. They also want to be superior and defeat others to reveal their strength to their masters.
  • Possessiveness: Dog-on-dog aggression can occur within the dogs of the same family. Just as two brothers living in the same house become possessive to gain their parents’ attention, Dogs, like humans, want to be the center of attention, which may be one of the causes of conflict between two dogs living in the same house.

Nevertheless, you need to be more rational and rip out the conflict from its root; otherwise, this attitude will last longer.

Can dog aggression occur due to human negligence?

Yes, it is possible. Some dogs are so sensitive that they become emotional if their owner ignores them or does not give them enough attention because of official duties. An owner’s prolonged behavior of this kind toward his four-legged friend may cause the dog to become fierce and frustrated all of the time.

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Is there any difference between a dog’s playfighting and actual fighting?

Dogs play roughly with each other, which seems to be a fight. But such playfights do not harm anyone. However, you can easily distinguish whether it is a playfight or a brawl. The simple way in this regard is to observe the tails of both dogs; if they are wagging, it means there is nothing serious, and everything is OK.

How do you stop a dog’s aggression?

To avoid such uncertainties, you must thoroughly investigate your dog’s habits. Take specific appropriate steps immediately in this regard.

  • Keep yourself calm:

Shouting at your four-legged friend may cause him to be frustrated and annoyed. First, if you want to change your dog’s behavior, you must change yourself. As a result, your dog will copy you in this regard. No matter how much annoyance your dog causes, you must show patience. If you feel raid in your dog’s behavior, slightly nudge his back; it may help him understand your love for him.

  • Socialize your dog:

If your dog is an introvert, plan some neutral, casual meetings with other dogs so he will interact with them and understand how to behave with other dogs. Try to make the environment calm and allow him to play with other dogs.

  • Block the view of another dog:

If your dog feels irritated by seeing other large dogs, you should block the view while going outside. Place yourself between your dog and another one. Soon, he will realize that there is no need to burst out.

  • Try to make him happy.

Make your best effort to calm down your dog’s aggression. Allow him to play with toys that are moveable and talkable. Entertain him with long drives; go shopping with him so that he will learn how to behave in public places and how to deal with other dogs.

Besides these steps, some dogs remain feisty and frustrated all the time. So, you have to consult a veterinarian expert and implement his advice.

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How to know if a dog is going to attack?

There are some signs that a dog shows before attacking other dogs or even humans.

  • Growling
  • Baring his teeth
  • Glaring
  • Raise fur of neck and back
  • Stiff body
Consider medical treatment:

There needs to be more than training to modify your dog’s behavior. Sometimes, it demands more, such as medical care or even therapy. Dogs also disrupt when feeling a rage of fear or nervousness, so their minds block. In this regard, proper medication is a perfect solution. Some dogs need more than others.


  • Why does my dog attack others when he is excited?

The dog’s excitement makes it difficult for them to think clearly. Consequently, they refocus on the nearby person, dog, or object. There could be a dog bite as a result of this safety concern.

  • Should I let my dog fight it out?

The answer is no; you shouldn’t let the adult dogs fight. Reinforce the older dog’s dominance by feeding it first while the younger dog watches, putting on a leash, and holding it back.

  • How to socialize my new dog with others?

Let your pup go outside.
Go for a morning walk with him.
Take him shopping at shopping malls.
Don’t allow your dog to play with unvaccinated pups.

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