Why Do Dogs Cry? What Is The Solution To It?

Why Do Dogs Cry? What Is The Solution To It?

No need to guess whether your dog is broken emotionally or not. While humans and dogs have an unbreakable bond, they also share most of their sentiments and habits. Happiness, excitement, joy, and most specifically, sorrow or grief, are all equally important for both humans and their little four-legged friends. However, it is not a hard and fast rule that if you find your pooch’s eyes watery, it means that he is crying or suffering from deep grief.

Some factors can also cause tears in your dog’s eyes, like a speck of dirt, an allergy, an infection, and many more.

But before examining other factors we must know that;

Why do dogs become sad?

No wonder your dog cries due to loneliness, pain, or deep emotional breakdown. There are plenty of reasons why your dog faces such a feeling of deep sorrow. It can be due to:

1. Inattention on your part

Like your wife and kids, your cute pooch also needs your time to play with you and give him cuddles. Otherwise, he will feel useless around you. In return, he feels lonely, like his partner is not listening to him.

As dogs are the most loyal of friends, there are also some reasons, like we found many dogs making crying sounds near graveyards in memory of their master who is no longer alive.

It is a wonder to see how much dogs love their owners.

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2. Physical Pain:

It is no wonder to see if your dog is in severe pain and you find his eyes watery.

For example, if a thorn is badly penetrating the paws of your beloved friend, then he will surely cry due to this pain, as humans do.

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3. Misbehavior of owner:

If you get angry at your dog, he quickly understands your aggression and remains quiet for some time. Like a sensitive kid, he also tries not to engage with you. Even sometimes, he sweetly approaches you with tearful eyes to say to you, “SORRY.” In such cases, you should warmly cuddle your dog and accept the apology.

4. Compassion for owner:

It is natural to feel abandoned by a friend during difficult times. However, you have never found your dog to abandon you because they have unending, ultimate compassion for you. If you feel sorrowful, your dog will quickly sense that he will also get emotional and try to console you. So before swinging your pooch’s mood, be aware of your moods that surely affect your dog.

Can dogs cry due to fear?

Yes, it is obvious that, like other creatures, dogs are scared of something or someone. It can be another animal or even some other dog that beat him or a human, like a guest arriving at your home. No matter whom your dog is scared of. You need to be highly rational in this regard.

Sometimes your dog is scared because of loneliness. If you are going somewhere and leave your dog at home, he will surely be scared and cry, making a slight heartbreaking noise. If such things happen, you need to look after your sensitive partner more carefully and train him for these circumstances.

Other Reasons For Being Watery-Eyed Dog.

The other issues can be due to something wrong with the eye duct. Like humans, dogs also contain eye ducts to keep their eyes functioning properly. If you find such issues, immediately consult a veterinarian before your little friend loses his eyes.

The other factors do not have any connection with the emotional breakdown. However, these issues also need to be cured as a priority.

· Allergic reactions:

If you are allergic to a specific smell, pollen, smoke, or any other ingredient, then why not a dog? You must observe your dog to determine which elements he is allergic to. If you are unable to understand that, then you should go for a detailed checkup of your dog.

· Infection in eyes:

If your dog’s eyes are watery, it is more likely to get an infectious disease. The infection causes obvious symptoms such as yellowish or bloody eyes instead of clear eyes. If the dog’s eyes give such a resemblance, then he needs medical attention.

Swollen or irritation in that particular area can also be a symptom in this regard.


· A speck of dirt inside the eye:

Your dog may be crying out because he has an eyelash or a piece of dirt in his eye. The tears should stop quickly if this is the case. Watch out for any lingering or more serious symptoms, though, and take your dog to the clinic if required.

Dogs can appear to be whining, but this is typically a sign that something is wrong. Instead of giving your dog a tissue, keep a careful eye on him and get help since it might be something more dangerous.

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Other questions that usually people ask about:

1. Why do dogs cry while sleeping?

There is no need to worry if your dog cries during sleep. It is due to “rapid eye movement”. Your dog may “act out” their dreams during this stage of sleep by moving its legs or paws, making faces, snarling, whining, or weeping.

2. Why do dogs cry while eating their favorite meals?

Having a poor tooth, gum disease, or tonsillitis, which is also known as an inflamed, swollen throat and tonsils, might be the cause of your dog’s screaming while eating. Keep an eye on his posture while he is eating.

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3. Should I ignore my puppy's mourning?

A puppy can be startled by any disturbance, and as we all know, it’s difficult to move stealthily when we’re out of it. If the puppy wakes up, don’t ignore their cries; instead, do your best to make them comfortable, and then get them ready for bed once again.

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After the above discussion, we came to know that the tears in puppies’ eyes are not without cause. Whether it is emotionally or painfully, you need to thoroughly examine your little partner as it is a sign of love in your sight. Never allow them to be stressed or broken. Always take care of them like a parent.

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