How to train an aggressive dog collar using a shock collar

How to train an aggressive dog collar using a shock collar

Aggressive dogs breed is the breed that causes very difficult times for their owners. The aggressive behaviour of the dogs develops due to their defensive, fearful, possessive, or territorial instincts. The use of a shock training collar is very helpful for some dogs by reinforcing their positive behaviour in them and switching their behaviour to prevent them from moving towards an aggressive mood. To pronounce them as e-collars shows that they are used to punish the dog for his aggressiveness, but it is beyond the truth. Because these tools are used to improve their behaviour, not for punishing them. The voltage of these collars is kept very low. The energy emitted from these collars is only 0.0003 joules. So, it does not hurt your pooch if used properly and cautiously.

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Training your aggressive dog

To have an aggressive dog in itself is an embarrassment for the dog owners. It is a challenge for all dog owners in the whole world to have an aggressive pooch. Pet parents are highly recommended to move to the veterans for their full-fledged help.

Find the reason for aggressiveness in dogs

Some dogs are aggressive by their instincts. But there are some dogs who become aggressive in different modes of action. If you are on a walk and your dog shows aggressive behavior, he is expected to do this for your safety. Some aggressive pooches show their anger due to their territorial instincts.

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But there are some dogs who face different kinds of pain or discomfort and as a result of this scenario, pets show aggression. There are different diseases in dogs. These can be illnesses, ailments, or any kind of arthritis. Hip dysplasia is a cancer-type disease somehow commonly found in pooches. It is actually the presence of abnormal cells in any organ of your puppy. It can become cancer with time. Moreover, rabies, epilepsy, hyperkinesis, neoplasia, and a variety of genetic and metabolic disorders can cause or predispose a dog to aggression. So once you confirm from your veteran that your dog is in good health and his behavior is not a result of health issues. You need to take the next step in order to help your pooch to improve its behavior. The training is a very necessary tool to help your dog’s behavior and shock collars are the best options for training.

Use of shock collar to train your dog

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Aggressive furry friends can be good in behavior by using a shock collar. These collars require carefulness and soberness while using them. Indeed training your pooch is one of the difficult tasks and is time-consuming. It develops the ability of forbearance in trainers. It demands consistency in owners. The shock collars are remote-controlled devices. They work on beeps, vibrations, and shocks. These collars are adjustable for different pooches easily. Different veterans recommend and grant the owners to use this and consider it as a humane way to fix the dog’s behavior. It is an important point to note that different dogs take different amounts of time to fix their behavior.

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Different stubborn dogs require different voltages for them. Some can feel low voltage and some can’t. Especially dogs with thick furry skin use higher voltage for improvement. Small furry dogs can easily feel the small shocks. So your judgment is very crucial in this case. You need to have an accurate judgment about your dog. These shocks if they increase their energy can become alarming for your buddies. So avoid this kind of alarming situation.

Apply the shock collar at a specific time when you consider that your dog needs it. Don’t overuse e- collars. Always begin with a small amount of shock energy. Then gradually move towards the high voltage. If you will always give shocks to your poochy, he will recognize and become familiar with those shocks and with time he will become resistant to them. So avoid these kinds of misbehaviors with your pooch. Try not to use the collar for 24 hours a day. Whenever your dog comes across other dogs and starts this type of behavior, activate your collar by using the remote. It is recommended that your dog should use this kind of behavior only during training.

Pros of using the e-collars for dogs

  • These collars correct the behavior of dogs from a distance.
  • They fix their behavior from aggressiveness to calmness.
  • They are workable especially when voice commands don’t work.
  • They are easily accessible, cheap, and affordable.
  • They are very quick in action and also show quick responses in the form of reactions.
  • The behavior with your dog doesn’t hurt as he will never know that this shock comes from you.

Cons of using shock collars

  • The overuse of these collars can cause resistance in your boys.
  • If you use these shocks, again and again, it will confuse them about the behavior.
  • It does not have any reward system as in the case of the voice commands.
Using the e-collars from a distance

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Using the e-collars from distance is a big advantage developed for the human race so far. Doing this removes human emotions and sensitiveness.

One of the basic advantages of using a training collar is that it helps you to call your pet from a distance without being in front of him. It allows you to command him to follow any specific thing like a bicycle or car. The benefit of this is that you don’t get physically involved with your pet and he doesn’t consider you as his enemy In case of using physical force. Instead, you can use a neutral force for controlling your pooch.

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