How big does a Shih Tzu poodle mix get

How big does a Shih Tzu poodle mix get?

Breed Information:

A hybrid breed produced from the typical Poodle and Great Dane is the Great Doodle. They are considered to be loyal to their respective families, obedient, and caring. Great Danoodles always acquire the fluffy fur of the poodle, often like their Great Dane ancestors.

They also appear in small, scraggly fur. The Great Dane is a huge breed of dog which develops very rapidly. Numerous potential owners are uninformed of this breed’s rate of growth.

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In order to preserve general health and get enough feed, the Great Doodle is such a huge dog that he will need a decent quantity of food each day. It is a great idea to bring your dog 4 to 5 cups of elevated, dry dog food each day. Distribute this quantity every day into 2 or 3 portions.

You should change the quantity of dry food you give so that your Great Danoodle will not end up overindulging and consuming too much obesity if you want to introduce high-quality organic dog food.


Great Danoodles are smart and loyal dogs who are eager to obey, so they’re not going to be difficult to train. You must include the use of rewards to allow practice much simpler and then use them regularly in the method. It will also motivate the dog to respond to you by staying with positive encouragement and appreciation.

Valuable activities can also be introduced to these dogs, such as putting stuff aside for you, tossing stuff in the garbage, and much more. The key things with any of these categories of techniques are persistence and continuity.

Furthermore, feeding and training also enhance growth. There are also instruments to measure growth that is known as the Great Dane growth predictor.

How you can measure the weight chart of Great Dane?

You’ve just got your Great Dane or you hold one already, but you need to know more about the development of the Great Dane. A full-grown male Great Dane has an ideal height of 32 to 36 inches and a weight of 63.5 to 77.1 kg. For women Great Dane, the body mass index is somewhat less at 29 to 33 inches and 49.8 to 63.5 kilograms, accordingly.

They would always calculate the weight in kilograms of the Great Dane whenever your dog goes to see his or her veterinarian, but it’s still a good idea to do this at residence to get a chart. Let me show you a Great Dane weight chart kg here so you can easily understand their growth:

Stages of growth of a Great Dane:

  •         Anyone who owns a Great Dane always wanted to know about the Great Dane growth stages. Let’s have a look at these stages:

Stage 1: Birth

 Stage 2: 2 months

Stage 3: 5 months

Stage 4: Adult

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How to measure Great Dane height?

The height of the dog is estimated at the wrists, the maximum point of the shoulder joints of the dog. The American Kennel Club sets minimum measurements for dogs. The male would have to be at least 30 inches only at the shoulder for Great Danes but should ideally be 32 inches and more the woman should have been at least 28 inches.

Here are some methods of how to measure Great Dane height?  As following:


  1. Place the dog on a flat surface against such a blank wall with one side. Have a supporter keep the dog in place if it is not going to stand always in a place to remain.
  2. Position the scale of a laborer over the cones of the puppy. Place the point on the dog’s shoulder at the top portion.
  3. Place the degree on the dog so that it hits the wall. Change the location of the stage until the balloon is completely in the center.
  4. With a pen, label a wall at the lowest of the stage.
  5. To achieve the dog’s altitude, migrate the dog aside, and use a plastic measurement measuring tape first from the ground to the pen point.