Ral terrier Australian cattle dog mix breed information

Strong, courageous, hardy, and at the same time affectionate and attentive, Australian Shepherd Dogs will suit the same active, nature-loving people. This article will tell you about the history of the breed, its characteristics, everything you need to know about if you are thinking of getting a good companion for outdoor activities.

History of the origin of the ral terrier Australian cattle dog mix breed 

Australian cattle dog is an artificially formed dog breed that originated in the 19th century in New South Wales (Australia) on the Thomas Hall farm. Initially, the cattle breeder obtained offspring from tamed dingo dogs and short-haired collies and used their offspring to work with livestock and its protection. The resulting dogs – healers – helped him drive flocks of sheep and cattle over a long distance, were hardy and smart.

The climate in Australia is difficult, and these characteristics helped the animals a lot. In 1870, Hall’s farm was auctioned along with unique dogs. They began to develop the healer breed further, crossed it with Kelpies and Dalmatians, even mixed the blood of a Bull Terrier.

After many years, it turned out to breed two breeds that exist to this day: the Australian shepherd dog and its short-tailed “sister”. These dogs were brought to North America and Canada by soldiers returning home after World War II, to England in 1980, and to Russia in 2004

Description of the breed

Ral terrier Australian healers have a compact, sturdy body adapted for a fairly long run. They are harmoniously built, indefatigable dogs with an intelligent, alert, warning look in front of strangers.


blue or with spots or specks of blue: evenly scattered black, blue or fawn spots (black on the body is a marriage); tan marks on the front legs, chest, throat, jaws, inside thighs, from metatarsus to toes;

speckled red: red spots evenly distributed over the body, they are not on the head or they are of a darker shade; dark red spots on the body are not desirable, although allowed.

Australian healer in numbers

Dogs of this breed grow up to 43-48 cm (bitches) and 46-51 cm (males) cm at the withers, and are considered to be medium in size, weigh from 16 to 23 kg, live 12-15 years.

Choosing a nickname

Depends on the full name reflected in the pedigree (puppy card), the sex of the animal. Choose a nickname that the dog can “read” on the lips, as healers are deaf in one or two ears.

For boys Velez, Brig, Jacan, Rex, Caesar.

For girls Asura, Alma, Kiko, Disha, Nora, Orsa, Molly.

Final Words

The heeler is an easy-to-care dog. The coarse short coat requires only weekly brushing with a dense bristle brush and careful combing when shedding. He does not need a haircut, washing only if necessary, while using mild detergents. Inspect and clean your pet’s eyes and teeth regularly, check the condition of its claws, and trim them if necessary.