Why is my dog too lazy?

It isn’t very pleasant to get a dog expecting to play with him or turn him into the best buddy who can accompany you on hikes or morning walks, but all you get is a couch potato whose favorite hobby is sleeping 24/7. Such dogs are a good choice for those who cannot spend time with their dogs. However, you get your dog so you can play with him, go on camping, and do other enjoyable things you can’t do alone. Read more about small dogs.

Sometimes, remaining lethargic all the time is your dog’s fundamental nature, but it is not necessary. You may have noticed that the pup you purchased one and a half years ago kept sleeping for 16 to 18 hours a day. Meanwhile, now his sleep has been reduced to only 14 hours.


Veterinary experts say that such weird behavior is only the age factor. A little pup becomes tired early due to an exhausting routine and exercise. And being a baby, their brains need a more relaxing period than an adult canine.

Besides this, there can be other reasons for passivity in your dog. So, if your dog is lazier than usual, there is something wrong with him that you must examine.

How do I know whether my dog is lazy or sick?

Taking a regular nap is perfectly fine for your dog’s health. But if you feel that your curious, energetic dog is no longer showing enthusiasm in any activity, then he might be struggling with some disease or maybe depressed for some reason that, as an owner, you should know.

Being drowsy and uninterested in any activity is a crucial sign that your dog may have a such illness.

To determine whether your dog is confronting disease, you must examine his activities. It is normal if your dog is acting sluggish for 2 to 3 days. But if days exceed, it is the right time to call your vet away.

Notice whether your dog shows other signs like coughing, frequent tiring, heavy, or irregular breathing. Knowing such symptoms can help determine if your dog is unwell.

Why is my dog too lazy?

Lethargy in dogs may occur for different reasons depending on the dog’s age, the weather, and multiple other factors. Here are some of the reasons that you must know in this regard.

1. Age factor:

Like humans, dogs lose their desire to play or run as they age. Like our grandparents, the only activity of an old dog is to remain on their couch and take a nap every fifteen to twenty minutes. In such cases, you shouldn’t disturb your pooch, as his body has no more power to jump and run or accompany you on hiking. So, keep them busy in bed by giving them food, watching movies, and giving them warm cuddles.

 2. Injury:

Sometimes, we need to understand why my pup is not as active as he was. Like in the human body, if a part of the pup’s body is fractured or not working correctly, the whole body bears the severity of it. So, being lazy may sometimes be due to a broken nail in your dog’s paw or a bone fracture that reduces his energy.

To know whether your dog has such an ailment, you should notice how he walks.

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3. Temperature:

Do you realize your activities suddenly cease due to the hellish summer heat? Then why do you expect that your dog will remain energetic in such warm weather? Like humans, pets also love to cool down in a chilly place and relax for several hours without hanging out with you till the evening.

It is hard and tough to remain enthusiastic humans and their little furry friends in the hot summer.

4. Dog depression:

If your dog is experiencing sorrow, he will show other symptoms besides laziness. It induces frequent weeping, a painful voice, a lack of appetite, and boredom. Depression occurs in dogs for different reasons. It may be that his owner is no more, his companion animal left, a child he is attached to is now at boarding school, etc. The main indication of this depression is a loss of interest in your dog and excessive sloth, coupled with other symptoms.

5. Breeds:

Dogs have different breeds, each with specific distinguishing characteristics. Some people prefer dog food, while others prefer bones. Similarly, certain breeds are more energetic than others.

You can’t change the nature of a breed. Like the Siberian huskies, these dogs are so energetic that they aid in pulling sleds, as they can run for several hours without rest. While in contrast to it, French bulldogs are the sleepy ones, preferring to stay in bed with their partner. So the breed of the dog matters a lot in this regard.

What should I do if my dog shows laziness?

Therefore, the method of treating laziness differs depending on the symptoms. If your dog is suffering from depression, make him feel better. Spend more time with him, do the things he loves the most, go on an outing, and make him feel happy and comfortable in your company.

However, if your pooch is lazy by habit, then all you have to do is wait till his sleep is complete. Yet, you can make interesting activities for him which may engage them in doing that.

Prepare the treats for him upon accomplishing the task. Spend time on a date with him. This will never let him get bored and keep his nerves active throughout the day.

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Some frequently asked questions

How to fix your lazy dog?

Making treats for the dog helps a lot in this regard. Always bestow them with their favorite treats to keep them engaged in exercise. It will make them enthusiastic about more training.

How can I make my dog more energetic?

  • Allow them to sleep properly
  • Consult veterinarian
  • Use supplements in their diet
  • Give them proper time daily

How much attention does a dog need a day?

According to the vet, a dog demands 2 to 3 hours of attraction with a human daily that does not allow them to feel lonely. And throw a positive wave inside them.

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