The Rat Terrier dog was originally bred to work outside on various farms as well as to hunt. This particular breed of dog is a fairly small, yet muscular dog with super high energy levels,

This breed is famous for having a variety of different colors. Some of the standard colors are a predominantly black coat with white patches as well as a primarily white coat with yellow, brown, blue, red, orange as well as black patches.

The Rat Terrier Dog Breed is an American breed that was specifically created with the process of breeding the following Terrier Breeds together:

The Rat Terrier dog breed for the most part tend to be an overall healthy type of dog. However, just like any other breed, health conditions can creep up

The diet that your Rat Terrier eats will typically depend on a few different factors, like; the size of your dog, its being an adult or a puppy (age), the Rat Terrier’s energy as well as activity levels.