The 10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

You can even put the tiny lap dogs in carrying bags and take them anywhere. So you can always be with your little darling. But don’t underestimate them, because the little ones consider themselves to be giants when it comes to defending the family and home from dangers.

I have put together a top 10 list of the smallest dog breeds. Maybe it’ll help you choose if you want to adopt a little puppy.

10) Japanese Chin – The 10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

Height: from 25 cm

Weight: 3-5 kg

Japanese Chin most likely originated in China about 1,000 years ago. From there, Buddhist monks took him to Japan. Here he quickly became the favorite dog of the aristocracy. His name means “little dog” in Japanese. This is how he makes it onto the top 10, because his name says it all. It does not take up much space, is easy to care for, and is very amiable.

9) Affenpinscher

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Height: from 25 cm

Weight: 4-6 kg

The Affenpinscher probably comes from southern Germany. Pinscher and Schnauzer were the constant companions of traveling merchants in the Middle Ages. That is why they are used to efforts. They learned to guard the merchants’ goods at night. This made them experienced and loyal watchdogs. Because of his high level of intelligence, he is bored quickly and constantly needs new variety. Due to his trained endurance, he also needs a lot of exercise despite his small size.

The 10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World contd.

8) Russkiy Toy

Height: from 20 cm

weight: 2.5-3 kg

His character also fits his name. He is always lovable, playful, and almost never tends to fear or aggression. He is the ideal playmate for small children and people who want to take their little friend with them wherever they go.

7) Shih Tzu

Height: from 20 cm

weight: 4-7 kg

The Shih Tzu was bred in monasteries in Tibet. The monks wanted a dog with the appearance of a little lion. According to legend, the enlightened Buddha had a dog as a companion who could turn into a lion. Shih Tzu knows how magnificent it is and therefore prefers to be the center of attention. He has a cheerful and playful nature that drives him to spend a lot of time with his family.

6) Maltese

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Height: from 20 cm

Weight: 3-4 kg

Maltese are among the oldest dog breeds ever. Their family tree goes back four thousand years to the ancient Egyptian empire. Now he is often smiled at as a lap dog, but this energetic dog has a lot more in it than its cute appearance suggests. Maltese are loving dogs that still exude the dignity of the ancient pharaohs. Nevertheless, they are very easy to keep.

5) Pekingese

Height: from 20 cm

weight: 5-5.4 kg

The roots of the Pekingese are originally in China. At that time, only members of the Chinese imperial family were allowed to own a Pekingese. That is why this breed is sometimes called the Peking Palace dog. In our time, the Pekingese is still very popular because of its long fur and lion-like mane. With his clever and lovable manner, the Pekingese enchants everyone within seconds.

4) Pomeranian

Height: from 18 cm

weight: 2-3.5 kg

There are many different Spitz types, but none of them has such an amazing appearance as the Miniature. Due to its velvety soft and dense fur, such puppies can be mistaken for a wool ball. When fully grown, they look like a small, bushy fox. This breed is very easy to deal with, lively, and suitable for beginners. However, when keeping them, you should pay attention to regular fur care, as they have a strong tendency to hair.

3) Griffon Belge

Height: from 18 cm

weight: 2.5-5.5 kg

These tiny wire-haired dogs were very popular around Brussels for a long period of time. The Belgian Miniature Griffon is a tiny, shaggy, and pleasant companion. As a family dog, it is ideally suited because of its gentle and lively nature. He quickly gets used to other dogs and gets along well with them. Beginners have a particularly easy time with this fur nose thanks to its uncomplicated and trustworthy nature.

2) Yorkshire Terrier

Height: from 18 cm

weight: 2.4-3.2 kg

The Yorkshire Terrier is representative of the smallest dog breeds. With a height of 18 cm or more, it is a true dwarf. But his appearance can be deceiving, the Yorkie with his greatness and courage, and his self-confidence expels everything that he lacks in size. As its name suggests, the Yorkshire Terrier has its roots in Scotland and the north of England.

1) Chihuahua

Height: from 15 cm

Weight: 2-3 kg

The Chihuahua is so small that it made it to the top of our list, but its temperament is only bigger. The cute pocket dogs are very attentive, curious, and are among the oldest breeds in America. They are quite clingy and are now very popular worldwide.

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