How long does a rat terrier live

How long does a rat terrier live?

Multiple questions resides in the mind of the dat terrier lovers especially the ones who has a rat terrier as a pet these include many but the most prominent one is that the “how long do rat terrier mixes live”

So as an expert of the dog life and habit today I have decided to address the question about the toy rat terrier life span. 

Although this is an English dog but later development on the dog was done in the united states of America. Different cross breeds were done so that the breeds with the desired characteristics can be obtained. Different well known breeds are rat terrier Jack Russell mix, rat terrier dachshund mix, toy fox terrier and many more. Rat terrier is also being compared with the other breeds so that the deficiency can be found out and may be improved. A very well known comparison in this regard is the feist vs rat terrier. 

Initially the use of the Rat Terrier was not a domestic pet animal. Tough people have these on the farms and these used to hunt the rats. Another popular activity for the rat terrier was their use in the dog fight. This was a common activity these days that was done to kill the excessive time. 

The main purpose to crossbreed dogs is to improve the stamina and the speed of the rat terrier. 

The Outlook of the Dog

This is a decent and beautiful dog and by its outlook, you can easily judge by its muscles that are very well shaped, The neck is really solid, the chest is a beautifully curved introvert, and the strong shoulders. As far as the color of the rat terrier is concerned. multiple colors with a wide color range is found in the rat terrier. Nearly every shade like black, blue, purple, red white pearl and blue are all the colors you will find in the rat terriers.

How long does a rat terrier live?

The life of a particular dog cannot be predicted but in general the lifespan of a specific breed can be easily predicted. As far as the rat terrier life span is concerned it depends on the multiple factors. 

Of course the most important one is the genetic makeup. By genetic makeup it means those who are the parent breeds of that particular breed. As many cross breeds have been done for the rat terrier so usually you will find contradictions about the statements made by the different people about the life of the rat terrier. 

Minimum and Maximum life span of the rat terrier dog

Although as recorded the minimum value found for the life span of the rat terrier is not less than the 13 years of age and the maximum lifespan is found to be around 25 years. Some rat terriers are reported to live even more than 25 years but these cases are rare. Although it has been said that proper care of the life span of the dog can be improved significantly. The usual observation is that the life span of the dog lies between 15 to 18 years of age. I do want to clarify here that we are not talking about the dogs with the health conditions. 

The dogs with the different health conditions really have a considerably less lifespan as compared to the healthy dogs.

Rat terrier intelligence ranking

Generally considered these are ranked as an active dog. This is truly a dog filled with energy and it has a really friendly nature. Highly intelligent that can work well as a watchdog for your home and the farm.

How to train a rat terrier puppy

How to discipline a rat terrier

This is not so difficult to train a rat terrier. It is in the nature of the rat terrier that these want to be friendly with the people. As they want to be friendly naturally they will also try to please them. In this process these can learn many things. But there are some specific needs associated with these breeds which you have to fill especially if you are living in an apartment.

  • Beginning with the daily exercise needed. The rat terrier needed to be out of the house daily for at least 20 minutes. Make a routine of walking with your dog. This will keep the dog mentaly fresh and physically healthy. 
  • Although not so much daily care is required but brushing the dog regularly. This is something that is not required so much if you do it even after every seven days this is enough. 
  • Rat terriers don’t like to be sad so pleasuring activities for the dogs are necessary. This necessity can be achieved well if the owner of the dog is loving. Don’t kill the soul of happiness inside the dog. Once the spirit of the dog is killed the dog will become dead. Even though that is taking a breath. 
  • The height of an ordinary rat terrier dog is 10 to 18 inches. For the breeds that are low in size, the minimum height is 10 inches and the maximum height is 13 inches. For the breeds that are relatively high in size, the minimum height is 13 inches and the maximum height is 18 inches. 
  • This is advisable to check the health record of the parents of the dog you are going to adopt. If you know about the health issues of the parent. The chances are high that you will be able to take care of your dog batter. In this way, you will know about the future problems well before time.
Final Words
The friendship of the humans with the rat terrier is really very old. This all begins with rat hunting. There was a time when the chemical treatment for the controlling of the rats were not available at that time the rat terrier as the natural hunter of the rats helped the farmers to get rid of the rats. Even after that, the rat terriers are a really good choice. As these are the natural hunters of the rats. The environment remains completely safe and chemical free. If these dogs are used to kill the rats. Other than this these are really very reliable animals to have in the house as a pet.