Dog bed with a difference

DIY Dog Bed With A Difference

Every dog needs a fixed place where he can sleep – just like us humans. In order to guarantee a relaxing bedtime, it should therefore be comfortable and cozy. Of course, commercially available dog beds are suitable for this. But it’s like the Christmas cookies: Homemade often tastes better than bought ready-made. Especially with homemade dog beds, there are hardly any limits to your ideas. We show you three original ideas on how to design an individual DIY dog bed for your dog, which is not only comfortable but also a very special eye-catcher.

The preparation for the DIY dog bed

DIY projects (Do-It-Yourself) are very much in vogue – why not lend a hand with a homemade dog bed?

However, before you start sewing and working, you need to determine the exact size of your dog to determine the optimal lying surface. A bed that is too small in which your dog cannot stretch out properly can otherwise seriously harm him.

To determine the right size, you simply have to measure the length and shoulder height of your four-legged friend and add 20 cm each. The result (i.e. dog length plus 20cm and shoulder height plus 20cm) results in the inner dimension (length and width) of the dog bed, i.e. the area on which your dog can lie comfortably.

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The homemade sweater bed for dogs

The name says it all: the main protagonist of this homemade dog bed is a sweater. You can easily reach for an older model – but it should be warm and cuddly. Homemade or knitted fabrics are particularly suitable for this. The larger your dog is, the larger the sweater should be so that there is enough lying space in the DIY dog bed.

First, turn the sweater to the left and close the collar with the help of a needle and a thread. Then turn the sweater back to the right and start sewing the front and back of the sweater along a line from one armpit to the other. This creates the back of the bumper. The sleeves are then sewn to the sides of the sweater so that a semicircle is created around the middle of the garment with the back. The semicircle represents the bumpers of the bed. Fill the bumper through the sleeve openings with filling wadding until it is firm, and then insert a pillow or also filling wadding into the middle of the sweater. In the end, all you have to do is sew the two sleeves at the front and connect them together – the cuddly DYI sweater bed for your dog is ready!

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The DIY bedside table bed for dogs

The bed variant for dogs requires fewer sewing skills. Stools or bedside tables open downwards serve you as a bed frame. Simply turn the selected piece of furniture over and remove any potentially dangerous parts such as loose nails or wood splinters. If necessary, you can sand and repaint the wood. Otherwise, there is nothing left to do but place a soft cushion made to measure between the legs of the piece of furniture.

Special tip: If your dog is your queen or your dog is your king, you can use the legs protruding upwards to attach an airy canopy. So it is immediately clear who is in charge of the house!

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Of course, you can also take a bedside table that is open to the front, which you just have to equip with a suitable dog bed.

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The homemade suitcase bed for dogs

Do you have an old suitcase in the basement or in the attic? Great! Then get it out and dust it off properly, because from a suitcase you can create an original and cozy bed for your dog in just a few minutes. Especially for smaller dogs, the bed model is optimal. To do this, first, remove the lid of the case or fix it so that it cannot close (as seen in the video below). If you have a hard suitcase, layout the floor with foam rubber to increase comfort. Otherwise, all you have to do is put a matching pillow in the suitcase – and the suitcase bed can be inaugurated!

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