My dog is not a Dalmation

My dog is not a dalmation !

There are dozens of dog breeds in the world: famous and not so, large and small, bred by man for various purposes. But if we talk about the most charming breed of dogs, then a Dalmatian or a Dalmatian will definitely be among the contenders for prizes.

The Origin of Dalmation Dog

This is a very ancient breed that has been pleasing a person for several millennia. This has been assumed that this name actually comes from a region. This region is situated in the Balkans. This region is known as Dalmatia. Nowadays this area of the world is known as  Croatia. It means that the original home of this breed is Croatia.

Breed standard 

The standard for this breed was first written in 1882 by the Englishman Vero Shaw. It became the official standard for the Dalmatian breed. The Dalmatian is a fairly large animal, with harmonious body proportions, muscular and strong. Differs in great endurance and can move rapidly. 

  • The weight of the dog. In males approximately 27-32 kg, in bitches 24-29 kg. 
  • The height for males it should be approximately 56-61 cm, and for bitches – 54-59 cm.
  •  The body color is white. Black or brown spots are evenly scattered over the white body. 

How to Choose the right Dalmation Puppy 

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If you decide that you need a Dalmatian, then it is better to choose a puppy at the age of 1-1.5 months. At this age, it is already possible to determine the quality of future dogs, their exterior. If you want a really cool purebred dog, from parents with a long pedigree, then you should agree on such a puppy in advance.

A puppy definitely needs to be bought in a good kennel, from an experienced breeder. Dalmatian males are chosen more often than bitches in order not to have problems with estrus in the future. But think carefully: the Dalmatian male is a large and strong animal that should have a lot of physical activity, and you should pay a lot of attention to him. A large and poorly educated male Dalmatian, closed for a day in an apartment, can easily “smash” it. Bitches are calmer and softer in character.

Puppy or an adult dog 

Sometimes there are times when a teenage puppy or an adult dog is sold. This option has both pros and cons. You will be able to see what kind of animal you are taking since the dog is more formed and also you do not have to fight with various Dalmatian children’s illnesses. But in this case, you will get an animal with an already formed character and you will need to look for a common language with your pet.

Price of Dalmation Puppies 

A puppy without a pedigree costs about $ 300-500, and a purebred dog, with a good pedigree, suitable for participation in exhibitions, costs from $ 1000. Although in this case, the prices are very individual. A lot depends on the parents of the dog – if they are outstanding champions, then the cost of puppies will increase significantly.

Learning and Training of Dalmation

The right approach should be followed to train the dalmatian. The following steps should be followed during the training of the Dalmation

  • Firstly, the dog’s stubbornness must be fought not by aggression and shouts, but by consistency and patient repetition, 
    • in addition, make the exercises as active and varied as possible. Then they will like this breed, and the dog will be happy to wait for the next lesson. 
  • Secondly, remember that Dalmatians are emotionally sensitive and do not accept harsh teaching methods. 
    • An extremely positive approach and abundant reward for the correct performance of tasks and good behavior, including affection, praise, and, of course, tasty treats, are required. Dalmatians are believed to have a lifelong memory of abuse.

Dalmatian Care

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  • The Dalmatian dog breed has short hair but sheds quite a lot. 
    • At normal times, the dog needs to be combed 
      • once a week,
      • during molting 2 times.
  •  The animal is bathed at least once a week,
    • Eyes are cleaned daily,
    • Ears – 3 times a week. 
    • The nails are trimmed 3 times a month.

In addition, you always need to ensure that your pet has access to clean water and the ability to go to the toilet. This is due to the fact that the 

Advantages and disadvantages of Dalmatians 


  • Dalmatian is a very intelligent dog with a cheerful and kind character. 
  • Great for people with an active lifestyle. 
  • Differs in excellent health, almost does not get sick.
  •  Requires minimal maintenance and gets along well with children. 


  • This is a very active dog, they need to pay a lot of attention and time. 
  • Not everyone can afford it. 
  • You need long and frequent walks, a lot of movement. T
  • he apartment is not very suitable for keeping this breed. 
  • A Dalmatian will feel more comfortable in a country house. Quite a “wayward” dog and can bring certain difficulties to the trainer. 
  • Dalmatians are prone to frequent allergies.

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Final Words

Dalmatians are unique in a number of ways. If you don’t have plenty of time. Then this dog breed is definitely not for you. Choose the Dog breed wisely to live with you as this will become your life partner.

This animal needs a lot of time and attention. If you do not have such an opportunity, it is better to buy yourself another dog. The Dalmatian is an intelligent and very active animal; he is more suitable for owners who also lead an active lifestyle. 

This dog needs both a master and a friend in one person, and if you can become both, you will not regret it. Dalmatians definitely should not be turned on by elderly people, people who do not have free time, phlegmatic people, and homebodies. But if you have an active lifestyle, you often do not sit at home and regularly go on weekends to nature, and your hobby is cycling and hiking then this dog is created for you.