rat terrier dachshund mix

Rat Terrier Dachshund Mix breed Reviews

The toy rat doxie dog is more commonly associated with ‘designer dogs’. It has purebred parents, the Dachshund, and the Rat Terrier. This dog itself is quite small in size, and the rat terrier dachshund mix lifespan can be up to 15 years. The toy rat dixie dog is full of energy and great at multiple activities such as hunting, digging, or being a watchdog. It may also prefer to laze around, but is quite playful and fun to be around. Some people mistakenly call the rat doxie dog as the “rat terrier chihuahua dachshund mix” which is not the same. They may, however, have a slight resemblance to the chihuahua and rat terrier mix.

Origins of The Toy Rat Doxie

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The toy rat doxie, or rat terrier dachshund mix, is a dog breed that has purebred parents. These ‘designer dogs’ usually have multiple differences amongst them as they are the offsprings of first-generation breeds. To understand fully about this type of dog, we need to take a look at its parents.

  • The Dachshund is one of the parents of a rat terrier dachshund mix and is a German-bred dog mainly used for hunting small animals, and relatively larger animals in packs. It is quite intelligent and bold and loves to cuddle and get its own way.
  • The Rat terrier is an American bred dog and was also used for hunting, but its hunting criteria were limited to pests and small rabbits. It is quite speedy and clever and needs to be put in social environments. These dogs are affectionate and good at figuring out your mood but need various activities and exercises to make sure they don’t misbehave.

Behavior and Nature

The toy rat doxie is quite friendly. They love lazing around but if need be, they will have bursts of energy where they play and find out different activities to keep them occupied. Due to their sweet and affectionate nature, these dogs are great for therapy and work well as service dogs. This dog requires socialization as they can get anxiety and be nervous if they are on their own for a long while. The toy rat doxie loves bonding with their family members, and more than often create a bond with one special human friend.


As compared to other dogs, the toy rat doxie is relatively smaller. The rat terrier dachshund mix weight is around 10-28 pounds. It has droopy ears and the coat of hair is usually short smooth, and silky terrier dachshund mix. However, this depends from breed to breed. There may be toy rat doxies that have long, wavy, or wiry hair. Rat terrier dachshund mix black color is most commonly found however, its colors range from white, brown, and fawn to red, lemon, and blue as well.


toy rat terrior can be quite greedy in nature and will gobble down almost anything that you offer them. However, as omnivores, they do have standards as to what they do or do not eat. It is recommended to feed your toy rat doxie premium dry food that is specifically made for dogs. Kibble should be selected based on the age of your dog, as well as its size and the amount of activity it does in a day. It should be mentioned that it is quite easy for toy rat doxies to become obese, which can be burdensome for their small frame. Owners need to make sure that they keep a strict check on their dog’s diet and aren’t too lax by giving them extra treats or table scraps.

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Exercise and Training

The Toy rat doxie enjoys various types of activities such as swimming, digging, taking walks, and hunting. Since they are quite small, these types of dogs are suitable if you live in an apartment. Owners need to walk their dogs for at least 15 minutes a day and allow their toy rat terrior to run freely in a park and maybe try to socialize. This breed loves to run and chase small animals due to their excellent hunting instincts. They usually tire out from running after 30 minutes or so.

It is recommended to train them from the early stages so they can adapt to different environments, situations, and people. You will also have a high success rate if you start training them early. Toy rat doxies are quite independent, so it can be slightly difficult to train them. Try encouraging these dogs with positive acts such as rewards, treats, and praises.

Grooming and Interactions

Toy rat doxies may not require much grooming, but need to be brushed at least 3 times a week. Shedding may more or less depend on the type of coat they have. Bathing should only be done when they are smelling, as excessive bathing can be harmful to its skin and coat and lead to problem.s toy rat terrior should have their teeth brushed 3 times a week as well, and the nails clipped when they are too long. Remember to always clean their ears and make sure they aren’t infected.

Toy rat doxies prefer to be around older kids rather than smaller ones. However, they will get along with young kids as well if they were socialized in the early stages. They tend to chase small animals as well due to their hunting nature.

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It has been noted designer dogs usually tend to have fewer health problems as compared to purebred dogs. However, they do tend to inherit diseases from their parents. Their more common health problems can be back problems, diabetes, bloating, deafness, eye problems, and an incorrect bite.

To conclude, this fun-loving dog will be a great pet for you as they are more than often up to something. When lounging about, they can still be quite amusing. With the right amount of care, your dog will end up creating a special bond with you as well.