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Guide to Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix


A Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix is a chipper and fiery puppy that makes the ideal partner. They are most appropriate for families with older kids who love dynamic outings and long strolls. You can anticipate that they should have a lovely double coat that arrives in a tremendous assortment of shadings. As this pooch sheds consistently, they are not reasonable if you have allergies.border collie aussie mix size ranges from 18-23 inches.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Coat and shadings:

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix puppies have 17 official colors counting: black, blue, blue merle, brindle, red, sable, white and black, white ticked, and a lot more! Australian shepherd border collie mix brown is also included in this. They can likewise have a range of markings, like tan points, white markings, and brindle points. The Australian Shepherd has 4 official shades – black, blue merle, red and red merle. They can also have a chocolate touch, white markings, or both.

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Problematic behavior:

One problematic behavior that the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix puppy is inclined to, is herding people and children. This can be stopped by diverting them with something different. Teach them the orders, ‘get in your cradle’ or ‘get your toy’ and apply them when they begin showing herding behaviors.

Australian Shepherd Collie Mix puppies for sale in Ohio:

Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix price list is presented below:

  •         Brady – Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy (Male): $450
  •         Diesel – Australian Shepherd Mix (Male): $450
  •         Sarah – Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy (Female): $599
  •         Roxie – Australian Shepherd Mix Puppy (Female): $700

Border Collie Aussie mix for adoption:

  •         Vesi:  Vesi is an adult female Australian shepherd border collie mix brown ready for adoption in Mangilao, GU in large size. Her vaccination status is up to date.
  •         Mocha is a young female border collie Aussie mix ready for adoption in Mangilao, GU in small size. . Her vaccination status is up to date.
  •         Buster is an adult male border collie Australian shepherd mix ready for adoption in Mangilao, GU in the small-medium. . Her vaccination status is up to date and his adoption fee is $125.00.

Exercise Requirements:

Exercise for this dog breed should last about 90 minutes a day. You should engage in walking, running, and psychological stimulation for this breed, as well as discovering new places or novel scents.

Food and Dietary Requirements:

Dry kibble, fed twice a day, is a fine diet for the rat terrier dachshund mix. On the other hand, a working Border Aussie will need food that is higher in protein to provide them the energy and stamina they will require for herding. Working dogs will need around 1,400 calories a day, 300 extra each day than a non-worked dog.

Grooming and Coat:

Their hair is even and mid-length and so needs moderate maintenance. As it is a thick, weatherproof double coat, it is quite durable but, they will need a complete brush on a weekly basis to maintain the coat’s oils well distributed and prevent any matting. A slicker brush is excellently suited for this work to target loose hairs in the undercoat. And they may require a full groom every few months to make sure their undercoat is free of surplus loose hair and keeps them cool throughout summer.

Health Problems:


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Collie Eye Anomaly is a hereditary eye disorder affecting Border Collies and some other sheepdogs. This is triggered by improper development of the eye and can lead to blindness. There is, unfortunately, no treatment for it, but tests can be carried out to detect whether a dog is affected, clear, or a carrier.


Deafness is also common in Border Collies, and is, therefore, a threat factor for this mix. One study found a link between deafness and the merle coat shade. There is, unfortunately, no treatment for deafness and it usually takes place when the dog is middle age (about 4 years old).