blue rat terrier

Blue rat terrier breed with mixed colors

Terriers  – a group of dog breeds intended for hunting burrowing animals and rodent control. f Terriers are used in warehouses, holds of ships, granaries, and stables. The rat catcher is used as biological pest control in Spain.

30 different species of Modern Terriers are alive today. Different species are being used for different services. Some are used for hunting like  Airedales, and  Russian black terriers. While Some are used for hunting like fox terriers,  yagdterery  etc.

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The Beginning of the breed

Australian Terrier  – breed dogs. One of the pioneer generations of this breed. This breed of Terrier dog was born back in 1888. This breed appeared thanks to the efforts of scientists.  Australian Terrier was artificially bred. But, unfortunately, there is no reliable information about what kind of dog breeds were used for crossing when breeding Australian Terriers.

It can be assumed that the Yorkshire Terrier took part in the birth of this breed since the representatives of these two breeds have a lot in common. It is also unknown which country is the birthplace of these dogs, but they were first seen in  Australia, apparently, they were brought here by the British.

Australian Terriers are very unusual dogs. Initially, this breed was bred for hunting, however, later they began to use it as a sentry. These have excellent instincts and excellent eyesight, having found a stranger they begin to bark loudly, notifying the owner of the appearance of a stranger. 

These dogs have a cheerful and friendly disposition, due to their miniature size, they are quite adapted to life in the city. However, they need frequent walks and outdoor games to maintain a good mood and health. They lend themselves well to learning and remembering commands with ease. Australian Silky Terrier  ( Eng. The Australian Silky Terrier ) – dog breed. 

The history of the Australian Silky Terrier dates back to the late 19th century. The ancestors of the Silky Terrier are dogs of such breeds as the  Skye Terrier. Yorkshire Terrier and  Australian Terrier, bearing the blood of  Norwich Terrier,  Cairn Terrier, and  Dandy Dinmont Terrier. It is also known that the griffon played a certain role in the formation of the breed. The breed was registered by the Kennel Club in 1933, and officially recognized in the United States in 1959.

The Silky Terrier – Blue rat terrier breed with mixed colors

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The head is of medium length with a flat skull and strong jaws. The eyes are dark, small, and round. The ears are small, triangular in shape, slender, set high, and erect, the ends pointing up. 

Moderately stretched body. 

The chest is deep and wide. The back is straight. The loin is strong. The limbs are of moderate length. Paws are small, round, and compact, with black nails. The tail is docked and carried straight. The coat is fine and silky. Coat length – 13-15 cm along the spine (from the base of the ears to the base of the tail). On the lower part of the limbs, the hair is short.

 The color of the Silky Terrier is black-backed – blue with fawn or grayish-blue with fawn. The breed contains not only blue with a fawn color but also red and sand. Puppies are born almost black and change color with age.

The Silky Terrier is a cheerful companion, strongly attached to the owner, and loves children. 

Terrier’s hunting instinct makes him an excellent rat-catcher. But despite its agile nature, the Australian silky terrier is obedient, balanced, good in contact with humans, affectionate, and intelligent. This is a very clean dog, well adapted to indoor life, and subject to frequent and long walks. Grooming the coat should be regular – brushing and brushing.

The Czech Terrier  

This dog breed was bred in  Czechoslovakia and intended for burrow hunting. The year of birth of the breed is  1948. The creator of the Czech Terrier breed is an amateur cynologist, Frantisek Horak. Horak set a goal to breed a small light terrier suitable for hunting in the  Czech Republic. Actually, Horak wanted to get an animal in the type of a  Sealyham Terrier, but with two different objective

  1. They could crawl into narrow holes
  2. A darker color

In 1963, the  Czech Terrier was officially recognized by the  International Cynological Federation as a breed of terrier. Currently, the breed is recognized by most of the cynological communities in the world and remains one of the rarest.

According to the standard, the dog must have a calm temperament. An aggressive animal must be disqualified and excluded from breeding. It is noted that, compared to other terriers, the Czech has a calmer disposition, which makes this breed an ideal choice as a companion dog. 

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Bedlington Terrier 

There is no exact data on the origin of this breed. About 200 years ago The first mention of the breed appeared, which was then called the Robbery Terrier. The Bedlingtons originated and developed in Great Britain, on the border of England and Scotland, and their roots are closely intertwined with another terrier – the dandy dinmont. 

The Bedlington Terrier was bred for hunting and was not inferior to other terriers in working qualities, and in some ways even surpassed them. In the 19th century, the popularity of dog shows led not only to hunters interested in Bedlingtons. As a result of “show” breeding, the dogs gradually changed their appearance to a more refined one and their character to a more flexible one. Not all breed lovers liked this state of affairs, and in the UK in the second half of the 1970s, the Bedlington Terrier Working Club was founded.

The Bedlingtons are most popular in the aristocratic circles of the most developed countries, remaining among the most expensive and rare dog breeds. Demand for the breed is strong in many countries around the world, but fortunately, there has never been a Bedlington boom.

The appearance of the Bedlington Terrier is quite unusual. He is very similar to a little white lamb, but this “lamb” has a true lion’s heart, as the dog is very brave and even aggressive.

The head of the Bedlington Terrier is pear-shaped, the jaws are elongated, and the dental system is very strong and strong. The eyes of a Bedlington Terrier are small, brown, or light brown in color, deep-set. The ears are drooping and set low. The front legs of dogs of this breed are straight, the tail is pointed at the end. The coat of the Bedlington Terrier is quite thick, soft, and fluffy, it is not trimmed, but is clipped 3-4 times a year. Color: blue, reddish blue, sandy, reddish-brown. The height at the withers is about 42 cm, options are from 37 to 45 cm, and the weight of the dogs is from 7 to 11 kg.

The character of this funny dog, is outwardly so peaceful and good-natured. The dog is distrustful and irritable. This is a real choleric person who does not like to give in to anyone else. In the process of working on the breed, some negative character traits of the Bedlington Terrier were smoothed out and now, in most cases, it is a loyal, balanced, and very intelligent dog.

Final Words

These are only some examples of the Blue rat terrier breed with mixed colors. For information about other Breeds keep visiting our site we may update other breeds too.