The German Shepherd is really aggressive towards known people and especially dogs. The family who owned that dog as a family dog was really worried about this problem.

Cesar Millan suggests that the owner should be in the middle of the situation and must not be confused. The confusion will create more problems. The owner should be enough to show himself as a leader of the situation and handle it.

Rottweiler was controlled by the Cesar by the technique of redirection. He uses the food as the attention diverter. You may use it to get out of the behavior you do not like. All this happened by living in the moment.

The reason is quite obvious and this is that different roads require different training. We might see a puppy in the future as a soldier, police officer, or simply a family dog that plays with the children.

– German Shepherd puppies’ growth rate is relatively higher among all breeds. – They can reach 90 pounds very quickly. – German Shepherd by their very nature intelligent and hardworking dogs.

This does not make sense that you only give the order and wish to follow those. You need to give your dog a feeling of companionship. The companion who can understand most of her problems.

Let your dog wait for the instructions. You can do it while going out with your dog. Restart first, open the door, get a foot out of the door and tell your dog to stay and wait for your next move.

The socialization process is an important process for any living being. You will start it after completing the basic training.

The next important thing is consistency. You must be consistent in everything you do. The dog training is also no exception.