Best‌ ‌cesar‌ ‌millan‌ ‌german‌ ‌shepherd

Best‌ ‌cesar‌ ‌millan‌ ‌german‌ ‌shepherd‌

In one of the episodes of his favorite TV show. He handled the problem of an aggressive German Shepherd.the German Shepherd is really aggressive towards unknown people and especially dogs. The family who owned that dog as a family dog was really worried about this problem. The family does not want to leave the German Shepherd. but this particularly aggressive German Shepherd leaves the family with no choice. This is a time when our superhero trailer Cesar Milan came to rescue. And what he really did so.

The amazing thing is that during this process Milan not only trained the dog but also the owner of the dog. The problem was with the dog as well as with the owner of the dog.

He suggested the owner develop himself as a strong leader so that the German Shepherd can easily follow him. The parents of the dog started to take karate classes. He developed himself by developing his body and mind. This is the first time I know that a dog can follow him easily. 

Once the dog started to follow his parent the problem of the aggressiveness is sort out permanently.

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Aggressive german shepherd puppy

This problem can also be resolved by following the footsteps of Millan. Cesar Millan suggests that the owner should be in the middle of the situation and must not be confused. The confusion will create more problems. The owner should be enough to show himself as a leader of the situation and handle it. 

He can do it by addressing the situation without losing control and hope. whenever you are controlling this side of the situation you should not be confused or tense but make your shoulder straight, put your head up and face the situation eye to eye.

cesar millan rottweiler

Rottweiler was controlled by the Cesar by the technique of redirection. He uses the food as the attention diverter. You may use it to get out of the behavior you do not like. All this happened by living in the moment. If you live in the moment then change the attention of the dog as soon as he is involved in the behavior you do not want him to be involved.

The key is to drag the trust and respect before. Be a part of the same time as your dog. when your dog is involved in the bear and behavior do not touch that does not look to advertise it and do not make any contact with it just offer your dog the food and try to divert the behavior

You can even get the different episodes of the Cesar Millan on the other issues like Michelle to make a wish dog whisperer and the Cesar Millan miniature schnauzer. These are really interesting ones. Something you like to watch you is a dog lover.

German Shepherd puppy training

German Shepherd puppy training

Intelligence, loyalty, and beauty define the German Shepherd. Even this highly intelligent and loyal dog needs training. The reason is quite obvious and this is that different roads require different training. We might see a puppy in the future as a soldier, police officer, or simply a family dog that plays with the children. There are other various roles that a German Shepherd performs for us humans. All of these require training. but there are some basic training requirements that should be given to every German Shepherd puppy. Some aspects are breed-specific. There are some unique characteristics that should be in our minds even before starting the training of the puppy. These required due importance in the process of planning.

Unique characteristics of German Shepherd puppy

  • German Shepherd puppies’ growth rate is relatively higher among all breeds.
  • They can reach 90 pounds very quickly.
  • German Shepherd by their very nature intelligent and hardworking dogs.
  • This requires continuous mental and physical activity. The German Shepherd should be kept busy mentally and physically.
  • The intelligence of the German Shepherd makes it a challenging breed to train. In the training process, your dog will follow you. So you must have all the characteristics of a leader that can be followed by a dog.

The Role Dictator or the Leader

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Nobody likes dictators, even dogs. This does not make sense that you only give the order and wish to follow those. You need to give your dog a feeling of companionship. The companion who can understand most of her problems. The work of a leader is to understand the desire, the needs, the wishes, and the problems of the dog. Understanding only is not enough your dog should have the field that you know no him better even from himself. This will create a bond between you and your dog and your dog will get the feeling that it can trust you.

if you are able to do so this means that you have accomplished the first task of your training. 

Training is an everyday activity. We need to train the dog to perform their everyday activities. This is the reason that tennis should be a part of everyday activities. This will make things simple for you as well as for your dog.

The training process during feeding dog

eating is an activity that you do about 3 times a day. While feeding your dog you make him learn obedience and increase his understanding.

put the ball in front of the dog and 10 the dog to sit. The dog will wait for the food it will sit and start looking at you for or the food. This is a training process of the dog that told the dog he should look at you for the instructions. Put the food in front of your dog.

Do not let your dog eat the food until you allow him to do so. Specially prohibiting eating while the dog is sitting and waiting for the food.

Repeat the same words

the instructions for the dog should be consistent. If you are telling your dog to complete a specific task. Like to go to the toilet. This command should be given to the dog exactly in the same words every day. If you change the version of the command this will be hard for the dog to understand every time. This also makes a dog confusing. And confusion will kill the purpose of the training.

Create patience in the dog

Let your dog wait for the instructions. You can do it while going out with your dog. Restart first, open the door, get a foot out of the door and tell your dog to stay and wait for your next move. Take a pause of 1 to 2 minutes and then say you don’t follow you. This will create patience in your dog. Patience is an activity that is highly required in dogs as well as in humans.

Consistency is the key to success

The next important thing is consistency. You must be consistent in everything you do. The dog training is also no exception. 

The training should be provided regularly according to the schedule. Please do remember that your dog requires a specific amount of exercise every day. This exercise must be of both types that are physical as well as mental. 

The socialization process

The socialization process is an important process for any living being. You will start it after completing the basic training. 

Take your dog with you for a walk. Choose the less rushy areas first. After this choose relatively crowded places. 

If you don’t make a mistake in the socialization process tell him to correct it. This will also provide you dog the feeling that actually you are in charge here too. By the virtue of this after some time the dog will clearly understand that you are the master and he or she has to follow your orders.

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Final Words

German Shepherds are really a very premium breed of dogs. These are known as one of the best human companions. It also requires special attention and training. The reason for this is that these are really very energetic. This is the most energetic bread even among the dogs. 

Being highly energetic they always require a task that can engage their body and mind. To keep their body and mind active the parent of the dog should put in the best effort. 

Respect and trust are key. Both are needed to be developed and earned. Put your effort in doing so with your dog, especially the German Shepherd.

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