Rat terrier Australian shepherd mix breed never was originally an Australian bread. It was 1840 when the first Rat terrier

The breed having the ancestors as Rat terrier and Australian shepherd mix breed is known as Raussie. Among all of the Australian shepherd mixes. This is known as one of the most different combinations of breeds

The Australian shepherd is known for its friendly behavior while the rat carries a known for their instinct ability of a hunting companion dogs.

This is not necessary to give your dog regular baths. But if the dog is dirty then you must do it. You can clean your dog with the help of water and any mild detergent that is gentle to the skin.

Claws are an important part of the dog when it comes to the requirement of regular checking. You may find that the trimming is required. If it is so then do it.

The Australian shepherd red Tera mix breed requires exercise daily. This exercise should be hard enough to keep the dog active.

Due to their natural inherent instinct for hunting. It may cause problems with your small pets. But this problem can be sorted easily as these are intelligent dogs.

This breed is known to be friendly with the familiar kids.  Even though due to its hunting instant this is highly recommended that you must be extra careful if you have small children in your home.

Although small in size this is really an attentive dog. Any sign of danger makes the dog attentive. It raises his or her ears this may be because it really wants to listen to each and every sound.