Large and small, bred by man for various purposes. But if we talk about the most charming breed of dogs, then a Dalmatian or a Dalmatian will definitely be among the contenders for prizes.

This is a very ancient breed that has been pleasing a person for several millennia. This has been assumed that this name actually comes from a region.

The standard for this breed was first written in 1882 by the Englishman Vero Shaw. It became the official standard for the Dalmatian breed.

if you decide that you need a Dalmatian, then it is better to choose a puppy at the age of 1-1.5 months. At this age, it is already possible to determine the quality of future dogs, their exterior

You will be able to see what kind of animal you are taking since the dog is more formed and also you do not have to fight with various Dalmatian children’s illnesses

A puppy without a pedigree costs about $ 300-500, and a purebred dog, with a good pedigree, suitable for participation in exhibitions, costs from $ 1000

The dog’s stubbornness must be fought not by aggression and shouts, but by consistency and patient repetition

The Dalmatian dog breed has short hair but sheds quite a lot. At normal times, the dog needs to be combed