You can even put the tiny lap dogs in carrying bags and take them anywhere. So you can always be with your little darling.

Japanese Chin most likely originated in China about 1,000 years ago. From there, Buddhist monks took him to Japan. Here he quickly became the favorite dog of the aristocracy. His name means “little dog” in Japanese.

His character also fits his name. He is always lovable, playful, and almost never tends to fear or aggression. He is the ideal playmate for small children and people who want to take their little friend with them wherever they go.

The Shih Tzu was bred in monasteries in Tibet. The monks wanted a dog with the appearance of a little lion. According to legend, the enlightened Buddha had a dog as a companion who could turn into a lion.

The roots of the Pekingese are originally in China. At that time, only members of the Chinese imperial family were allowed to own a Pekingese. That is why this breed is sometimes called the Peking Palace dog.