This particular page will provide you with information on the “Rat Terrier Dachshund mix”; also called the “Rat Terrier Doxie mix”, or the “Rat Doxie mix” breed.

Breed mixes can at times be quite mysterious. The cross-breeding and dog designer concept is a fairly new, and this particular mix of Rat Terrier / Dachshund has been around for a few decades now.

Just like the pure breeds, the rat terrier dachshund mixes are smart and vigilant. This is one of the main reasons as to why they make such fine watchdogs.

Just like any other dog breed out there, the dachshund rat terrier mix will shed some hair. This is a naturally occurring process that provides a way for your rat terrier doxie to get rid of old hair and to help him grow new one.

The Rat Terrier dog breed is already cute on their own, cross them with a Dachshund and you end up with an even cuter creation. Dachshund Rat Terrier mixes are typically short-legged and wire-haired furry little cuties.