Rat Terrier dog breed is considered to be a hunter breed, as well as a good watchdog type of dog; these furry little guys are loving, affectionate to their owner 

Due to the fact that the Rat Terrier dog breed is highly intelligent (by nature), they are able to at times be pretty stubborn. Due to the stubbornness, obedience training may end up being a challenge for first-time Rat Terrier owners

Rat Terriers can be comfortable in smaller spaces and areas, like apartments or condos, for instance, they are able to live happy lives in smaller dwellings.

Typically, the height is somewhere between 08 to 15 inches for smaller Rat Terrier types and 13 to 20 inches for regularly sized Rat Terriers.

- Rat Terriers Are Super Intelligent - Rat Terriers Are Extremely Playful - Rat Terrier Shedding is Moderate - Yes, High Levels of Exercise is Needed - They Are Moderate Affectionate

The Rat Terrier Dog Breed is an American breed that was specifically created with the process of breeding 

The Rat Terrier dog breed for the most part tends to be an overall healthy type of dog. However, just like any other breed, health conditions can creep up 

The diet that your Rat Terrier eats will typically depend on a few different factors, like; the size of your dog, it’s being an adult or a puppy (age), the Rat Terrier’s energy as well as activity levels

Due to the fact that Rat Terriers are so smart, they are also easily trainable. It typically just takes a few sessions for each training task that you are trying to accomplish

- Affectionate - Curious - Charming - Friendly  - Energetic - Outgoing