Are you confused with the dog breed ratings? The American hairless terrier is a single breed that is indigenous to the US. This breed was something of an accident.

This new dog breed developed around 40 years ago. It is a direct descendant of a Rat terrier. American hairless rat terrier is similar to them in all aspects except that they are devoid of furs.

Like all the terriers, the hairless rat terrier is a spunky, curious, intelligent dog breed. These dogs can survive in large family homes that live with older people or kids.

The hairless rat terrier is the best for allergy sufferers because they have minimal shedding. They do shed a certain amount of dander, so you need to make sure that they are not entirely 100% hypoallergenic, and there are no non-allergenic dogs.

These dog breeds are perfect playmates for children who love being active. American hairless rat terrier is super-friendly, so it can quickly get along with other dogs, but if you have cats at home, it’s not the best choice as they also feature prey drive for the cats.

These dogs stand between 12-16 inches from the shoulder, and they weight around 10 to 16 pounds. However, there are several AHTs with small and large sizes.

Like several dogs in the Terrier breed range, the American hairless rat terrier is smaller, but they have stunning personalities. They feature extreme energy levels.

Even these dog breeds are energetic; they love cuddling as much as you want. They enjoy performing and playing trained tricks.

Hairless rat terrier is prone to increase weight gain, and they boast high energy levels. It means AHTs need an ample amount of activity.