Are rat terriers easy to train? How to potty train a rat terrier? These are just a couple of the most commonly asked questions that rat terrier owners ask.

Though rat terrier dogs can be trained at any age, the needs of the owners of new rat terrier puppies will be different than those of older rat terrier dogs.

Experts suggest that you should start potty training a rat terrier dog when they’re between 12 to 16 weeks old – right around this time is when they start having enough bladder and bowel control to learn how to hold it in.

According to the Humane Society for Dogs and Animals, the first step in a rat terrier’s crate training life is selecting the right crate. It is advised that the crate itself should be large enough for your rat terrier to stand up in and comfortably turn around, but not much larger.

Learning how to train rat terriers of any age requires consistency and a strict focus on rewarding positive behavior. Avoid training tips that focus on creating negative consequences for the rat terrier as this can really confuse him.