30 different species of Modern Terriers are alive today. Different species are being used for different services. Some are used for hunting like  Airedales, and  Russian black terriers.

One of the pioneer generations of this breed. This breed of the  Terrier dogs was born back in 1888. This breed appeared thanks to the efforts of scientists.

t can be assumed that the Yorkshire Terrier took part in the birth of this breed since the representatives of these two breeds have a lot in common

Australian Terriers are very unusual dogs. Initially, this breed was bred for hunting, however, later they began to use it as a sentry.

These dogs have a cheerful and friendly disposition, due to their miniature size, they are quite adapted for life in the city.

The history of the Australian Silky Terrier dates back to the late 19th century. The ancestors of the Silky Terrier are dogs of such breeds as the  Skye Terrier.

The head is of medium length with a flat skull and strong jaws. The eyes are dark, small, round. The ears are small, triangular in shape, slender, set high, erect, the ends pointing up.

The chest is deep and wide. The back is straight. The loin is strong. The limbs are of moderate length. Paws are small, round, compact, with black nails.

This dog breed was bred in  Czechoslovakia and intended for burrow hunting. The year of birth of the breed is  1948.