Chihuahuas are considered the smallest dogs in the world and you can easily carry them in your pocket. They are graceful, a little noisy, agile, and very active.

Dogs resulting from such crossbreeding represent the best qualities of their parents. They are hardy, bold, and playful like terriers and smart, outgoing, and active like Chihuahuas

These dogs are extremely curious and can do a lot of damage. They will try to check what makes the sound they hear, even the quietest. They are loyal to their masters and also protect them.

Puppies, like adults, are very active. When they are born, special attention should be paid to their care. Because not only do they have quite fragile bones like adult dogs, but they also have what is called a Moliere – an open gap located at the top of the skull.

These dogs are more reserved in dealing with strangers, but also more aggressive with other dogs. Thus, you should start socializing your pet as early as possible.

Do not feed dogs with human food. If you do so this will increase the weight of the dog and the dog may get involved in other health issues. Human food may contain sugar elements and some other elements that will not be at all good for this breed of the dogs.  

Do not expose them to physical activity, which may be associated with the injury. In general, all breeds resulting from crosses with Chihuahuas are susceptible to cold weather and may molt during the summer.