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Corgi rat terrier mix Breed guide Information

Rat terrier corgi mix Corgi mix of the Rat terrier dogs is small in size. Like all the dogs of this trait, these are short-sighted. But among those short hundred dogs, these are the least heightened ones.  Although small and lead these are fearless dogs The other important characteristics of...

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When is a dog considered a senior level ?

To ensure your pet has a happy and healthy old age, there is a lot to know about caring for an older dog. Like a man, a dog needs a large and soft sleeping place where it can comfortably sit and lie. It is especially important to have a comfortable...

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blue rat terrier

Blue rat terrier breed with mixed colors

Terriers  – a group of dog breeds intended for hunting burrowing animals and rodent control. f Terriers are used in warehouses, holds of ships, granaries, and stables. The rat catcher is used as biological pest control in Spain.      30 different species of Modern Terriers are alive today. Different species are...

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